Behavioral sciences inform public policy in Australia


In Australia the public hearings at the Royal Commission into misconduct in the financial services industry came to an end last week. Over the past year there have been 68 hearing days and 138 witnesses called to give evidence to the inquiry. And despite publishing a comprehensive interim report in September that forensically reviewed the causes of wrongdoing, Commissioner Kenneth Hayne has left few clues on what to expect in his final recommendations.

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SCHOLAR SPOTLIGHT: Todd Haugh offers insight on corporate governance


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Considering money: Dan Ariely argues there is more to life than money


A year since Dan Ariely published “Dollars and Sense: How We Misthink Money and How to Spend Smarter,” the social scientist and Duke University professor, writes “I’ve learned a lot about the truly meaningful value of non-monetary rewards in engagement, motivation, habits, loyalty, wellness and more.” Here Ethical Systems’ editor reflects on culture and values against the backdrop of Ariely’s hypothesis.

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Data & Behavioral Science: a new approach to risk management

I recently sat on a panel at an event hosted by Ropes and Gray LLP in connection with the launch of their new report, Data & Behav

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SCHOLAR SPOTLIGHT: Dolly Chugh discusses her new book

Dolly Chugh's new book “The Person You Mean to Be” serves as a guide to tackling issues from sexism to racism

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Purpose driven companies are winners

Caterina Bulgarella argues that purpose focused companies come out ahead in more ways than one. 

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September's In the News: Jonathan Haidt's Times' column; David Mayer on Ohio State's controversy and more

Ethical Systems' collaborators have had a busy September including op-ed's in The New York Times, publications in the Harvard Business Review and the launch of new books. 

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Trying to solve an ethical dilemma? Start with changing your mindset

Companies wishing to give employees an effective decision-making framework to confront ethical dilemmas now have a new tool in their arsenal. 


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Don’t quit, not just yet

Employees who are stressed out at work should consider learning something new, according to new research by David Mayer, a professor at the University of Michigan's Stephen M. Ross School of Business and Ethical Systems’ collaborator. Read more. 

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SCHOLAR SPOTLIGHT: Yuval Feldman shares about his new book “The Law of Good People”

Yuval Feldman, the Mori Lazarof professor of legal research at Bar-Ilan University’s law school, recently published his first book "The Law of Good People" by Cambridge University Press. Learn more about what motivated him to pursue the intersections of law and psychology 


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