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Successful negotiations will save Earth—leaders must incentivize long-term sustainable thinking

The Economic Times | August 20th, 2021

Daylian Cain was interviewed in The Economic Times to discuss the transformations business leaders should encourage in the era of climate change.

5 ways to reduce rudeness in the remote workplace

Harvard Business Review | August 19th, 2021

​​Dolly Chugh was cited in a Harvard Business Review essay that offers advice for  conducting virtual work that will cultivate positive relationships among business teams. 

How to stop your dread of networking from hurting your career and start using it to your advantage

Business Insider | August, 19th, 2021

Francesca Gino’s study on the ways networking makes people feel morally impure was referenced in a Business Insider article on how to make networking a positive experience.

Live From the HIBT Summit: Adam Grant

How I Built This with Guy Raz | August 19th, 2021

Adam Grant was a guest on How I Built This, discussing why entrepreneurs should take a scientific approach to decision-making and why admitting you’re wrong goes a long way to learning what’s right.

Are Covid fears an okay social excuse?

Wall Street Journal | August 12th, 2021

Dan Ariely wrote an article in The Wall Street Journal to answer questions about when to tell the truth in declining an invitation and why it’s important to support the arts. 

The social psychology concept that could persuade the vaccine-hesitant

The Week | August 10th, 2021

Jonathan Haidt was cited in The Week about why vaccine campaigns must appeal to “the elephant” in the brain—our gut feelings, visceral reactions, emotions, and intuitions. 

The courage to not cancel

Deseret News | August 8th, 2021

Jonathan Haidt was mentioned in a Deseret News piece regarding how easy it is to overlook the many colleges that are not giving in to cancel culture.

The Surprising Benefits of Talking to Strangers

The Atlantic | August 4th, 2021

Nicholas Epley was mentioned in an Atlantic article challenging readers to see strangers as a source of comfort and belonging, rather than a source of danger. 

Ways to Praise Remote Workers

Wall Street Journal | July 29th, 2021

Dan Ariely wrote an article in The Wall Street Journal to answer questions on expressing appreciation from afar, protecting marriage from pandemic stress, and talking to loved ones who believe conspiracy theories. 

Chicago innovators: Mindworks offers one-of-a-kind experience

WBEZ Chicago | July 28th, 2021

Nicholas Epley was a guest on WBEZ Chicago to discuss “Mindworks,” the world’s first interactive lab and museum dedicated to behavioral science. 

Why we don’t dole out many compliments – but should

BBC Worklife | July 27th, 2021

Nicholas Epley’s research on the psychological impact of compliments was discussed in BBC Worklife. 

Why Students Should Chase Failure

Forbes | July 17, 2021

Jonathan Haidt was quoted in a Forbes interview on why marketing students should chase—rather than fear—failure. 

Podcast: Adam Grant reimagines work after COVID

GZERO World | July 10th, 2021

Adam Grant was interviewed on GZERO World about how the pandemic has upended what we think of as “work” and how to reimagine office culture in a post-pandemic world.  

‘Predictably Irrational’ author says people often underestimate how much their dream retirement will cost. Here’s the real number

CNBC | July 7th, 2021

Dan Ariely was featured on CNBC in a short segment on how people underestimate retirement costs and how to start saving. 

Evolution of the heart 

Mind & Life Institute | July 6th, 2021

David Sloan Wilson spoke with the Dalai Lama on compassion and evolution in the newly released documentary, Evolution of the Heart

Why people believe in UFOs and lab leaks

Quartz | July 2nd, 2021

Jonathan Haidt was mentioned in a Quartz essay on the human tendency to fall prey to cognitive biases and the strategies to overcome them.

3 ways employers can hold onto talent during the “Great Resignation”

Fast Company | June 30th, 2021

Adam Grant’s essay on “languishing” was referenced in a Fast Company article on tips to position a company so that workers feel less inclined to abandon ship. 

Facebook unveils “Bulletin,” a newsletter subscription service

New York Times | June 29th, 2021

Adam Grant was mentioned in a New York Times piece about his role as a writer for Facebook’s new subscription service, “Bulletin.”

How to win friends and influence readers

Strategy+Business | June 29th, 2021

Jonathan Haidt was cited in a Strategy+Business essay on the enduring impact and utility of Dale Carnegie’s famous book, How to Win Friends and Influence People.

Should you get paid to take a bike ride?

Wall Street Journal | June 17th, 2021

Dan Ariely wrote an article in The Wall Street Journal to answer questions on seeking company reimbursement for off-duty exercise, reducing last-minute jitters, and improving results from job interviews.

Why business schools need to teach experimentation 

Harvard Business Review | June 16th, 2021

Max Bazerman was quoted in a Harvard Business Review essay on the three main actions that business schools should take in order to best position students to realize their full potential as leaders of the experimental revolution. 

When your nerves get the best of you, change the narrative

Working Knowledge | June 14th, 2021

Francesca Gino wrote a piece in Harvard Business School Working Knowledge on the three strategies that she uses to turn nerve-wracking situations into meaningful experiences.

How some Americans are breaking out of political echo chambers

Wired | June 14th, 2021

Jonathan Haidt was quoted in a Wired article on how a growing number of people are seeking a wider diversity of new sources to combat information silos. 

Using stress to get geared up for public speaking

Wall Street Journal | June 3rd 2021

Dan Ariely offered advice in The Wall Street Journal by answering questions on overcoming anxiety, preventing litter and sticking with bad decisions.

Anderson Cooper talks with psychologist Adam Grant about “languishing”

CNN | May 27th, 2021

Adam Grant was interviewed by Anderson Cooper about languishing and the emotional toll of COVID-19.

It’s the unspoken rules on campus that silence

The Australian | May 27th, 2021

Linda Trevino was mentioned in The Australian on the informal systems that give rise to unwritten values and norms about how to behave—and how informal rules on college campuses are silencing discourse.

Is wokeness “kryptonite for Democrats”?

New York Times | May 26th, 2021

Jonathan Haidt was quoted in the New York Times regarding the impact of “wokeness” on the Democratic Party’s future prospects. 

Artisanal cobalt mining in the DRC: Steps already in play

Mining Review Africa | May 24th, 2021

Dorothee Baumann-Pauly was interviewed in Mining Review Africa on the growing demand for Cobalt in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the fight to secure resources—transparently, sustainably, and responsibly. 

As workers head back to the office, these are the talks business leaders need to have now

Newsweek | May 24th, 2021

Francesca Gino’s essay on coaching employees through uncertain times was cited in a Newsweek piece on the importance of conversational leadership as employees begin moving back to the office.

Here are 5 ways that leaders can learn to embrace new ideas

World Economic Forum | May 21st, 2021

Adam Grant sat down with Wharton Dean, Erika James for a discussion on the importance of questioning your assumptions regarding how to engage and communicate in the workplace. Here are five takeaways from their discussion.

On the road back to normal, what do we learn from COVID-19?

Newsweek | May 21st, 2021

Nicholas Epley was cited in a Newsweek article on the lessons that the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us.

The CDC is gambling on relaxed mask rules to get more people vaccinated

NPR | May 20th, 2021

Dan Ariely was interviewed on NPR to answer questions on whether the new CDC relaxed mask rule will inspire more people to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

HxA resources for understand different kinds of diversity

Heterodox Academy Blog | May 19th, 2021

Jonathan Haidt wrote a brief essay on the value of different forms of diversity for education in the Heterodox Academy Blog

Weighing the risk ethics of requiring vaccinations

Strategy+Business | May 18th, 2021

Alison Taylor was quoted in a Strategy+Business article on how to create a safe workplace while respecting employees’ concerns and choices regarding COVID-19 vaccinations.

What organizations can do to retain Asian American talent

Harvard Business Review | May 18th, 2021

Dolly Chugh’s perspectives on racial and gender bias were referenced in a Harvard Business Review piece on the ways companies can better recognize the talents of Asian American employees.

Essential empathy: 3 ways to improve presence

Forbes | May 16th, 2021

Francesca Gino’s essay on the value of curiosity in business was mentioned in a Forbes article on why empathy is critical to effective leadership.

When students cheat: The demise of academic integrity threatens us all

Real Clear Education | May 14, 2021

Linda Trevino’s book, “Cheating in College” was referenced in a Real Clear Education article on the long-term costs of cheating.

How to make hiring less gender-biased

Wall Street Journal | May 13th, 2021

Dan Ariely wrote an article in The Wall Street Journal to answer questions on hiring more women, ruined surprises and party expectations.

The prophets of doom are getting louder and the “winner’s curse” is getting closer

Livewire Markets | May 13th, 2021

Max Bazerman’s paper on the “winner’s curse” was cited in Livewire Markets on the current weakness of the 100 largest Nasdaq listed companies (NDX).

3 ways to keep your company culture intact after the pandemic

Fast Company | April 28th, 2021

Francesca Gino’s Harvard Business Review piece was cited in a Fast Company article on how to rebuild a strong post-pandemic workplace culture. 

How America’s CEOs responded to the Derek Chauvin verdict

Quartz | April 21st, 2021

Alison Taylor was mentioned in a Quartz article on the delicate and nuanced ways CEOs are responding to Derek Chauvin’s conviction.

The pandemic conversations that leaders need to have now

Working Knowledge | April 21st, 2021

Francesca Gino’s article on coaching during uncertain times was cited in a Harvard Business School Working Knowledge piece on rebuilding the workplace bonds that COVID-19 has shaken. 

There’s a name for the blah you’re feeling: It’s called languishing

New York Times | April 19th, 2021

Adam Grant wrote a piece in the New York Times on what may be the dominant emotion of 2021—and the neglected middle child of mental health—languish. 

A playbook for negotiators in the social media era

Harvard Business Review | April 16, 2021

Hal Movius’s article, How to Negotiate – Virtually was referenced in a Harvard Business Review piece on how negotiation strategies must adapt to social media.

Forgiveness should also extend to the living

Financial Times | April 14th, 2021

Jonathan Haidt was quoted in a Financial Times piece on how “cancel culture” can be suspended, at least for the dead. 

Eight in ten Americans are concerned about partisanship. Here’s how ‘the unum test’ can reunite America

TIME | April 13th, 2021

Jonathan Haidt co-authored an article in TIME on how using the “Unum Test” or picking policies which unite, rather than divide, can help heal America’s deep political divisions.

Should negotiators hold out for a better deal or move quickly to close?

Forbes | April 10th, 2021

Max Bazerman’s case analysis on post-settlement settlements was referenced in a Forbes article on whether negotiators should prioritize getting a great deal over speed.

A way to make taxes less aggravating

The Wall Street Journal  | April 8th, 2021

Dan Ariely wrote an article in The Wall Street Journal to answer questions on the annual IRS ritual, the placebo effect, and work-at-home stress.

The WeWork documentary explores a decade of delusion

The New Yorker | April 5th, 2021

Dan Ariely was quoted in a New Yorker article on the new documentary WeWork: Or the Making and Breaking of a $47 Billion Unicorn.

The pandemic completely unraveled the libertarian ideal of individualism in Ayn Rand’s ‘Atlas Shrugged’

Business Insider | March 27th, 2021

David Sloan Wilson’s new book Atlas Hugged was discussed in a Business Insider piece on how the pandemic demonstrated the “science fiction of individualism.” 

Why conservatives should hate Georgia’s voting restrictions

The Week | March 27th, 2021

Jonathan Haidt’s Moral Foundations Theory was discussed in a The Week article on why Georgia’s voting restrictions violate a number of moral values associated with conservatives. 

Steer clear of the blind spots that derail experiments 

Harvard Business School Working Knowledge | March 25th, 2021

Max Bazerman’s book The Power of Experiments: Decision Making in a Data-Driven World was mentioned in a Harvard Business School Working Knowledge piece about the common mistakes companies make when conducting experiments to guide decision-making.  

I have come to bury Ayn Rand

Nautilus | March 24th, 2021

David Sloan Wilson wrote an erudite personal essay in Nautilus explaining why he chose to finally give fiction—the calling of his famous father, Sloan Wilson—a try.

Atlas hugged (with David Sloan Wilson)

Pitchfork Economics | March 23rd, 2021

David Sloan Wilson was interviewed on Pitchfork Economics Podcast to explain why his new book, Atlas Hugged is a better predictor of how people act than Ayn Rand’s, Atlas Shrugged. 

Israel election: Dan Ariely explains why ‘it’s tempting to vote for a liar’

Haaretz | March 22nd, 2021

Dan Ariely weighed in on the dynamics driving Israel’s 2021 election in a Haaretz article.

Op-ed: Chatting with strangers, and other things I’ve missed during the pandemic 

Chicago Tribune | March 18th, 2021

Nicholas Epley’s research on how people interact with strangers was mentioned in a Chicago Tribune opinion piece about how COVID upended routines we take for granted.

The hidden upside of imposter syndrome

BBC Worklife | March 17th, 2021

Adam Grant was quoted in a BBC Worklife article on how being underqualified for a job may actually give the employee an advantage over more confident peers. 

Staying connected by watching TV

Wall Street Journal | March 4th, 2021

Dan Ariely wrote an article in The Wall Street Journal to answer questions on pandemic binge-watching, effective apologies, and test-taking.

How to reach people who are wrong

The New York Times | March 3rd, 2021

Adam Grant’s new book, Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know was cited in a New York Times article on the science of persuasion and the best ways to win people over in the post-Trump era.

Key to doing your best at work? Be yourself

Harvard Gazette  | March 1st, 2021 

Francesca Gino was interviewed by the Harvard Gazette about what it means to be authentic at work and why it matters.

People literally don’t know when to shut up-or keep talking-science confirms

Scientific American | March 1st, 2021

Nicholas Epley was quoted in a Scientific American piece on how people are really bad at navigating a key transition point during one of the most basic social interactions: the conversation.

The prices of sports cards and odd collectibles are booming, too

The Economist | February 27th, 2021

David Hirshleifer was cited in an Economist article on the cognitive biases that influence investing behavior. 

The problem with ‘Ethics by Design’ – why this WEF report gets AI ethics wrong, and 25 techniques for producing trustworthy AI

Diginomica | February 26th, 2021

Nicholas Epley’s research paper “Treating ethics as a design problem” was referenced in a Diginomica article on the problematic misconceptions about artificial intelligence ethics. 

We need to stop pathologizing uncomfortable feelings

Financial Times | February 11th, 2021

Jonathan Haidt’s book, The Coddling of The American Mind was mentioned in a Financial Times article on the importance of engaging with perspectives that challenge us.  

How to make the world better, not perfect

Harvard Business School Working Knowledge | February 8th, 2021

Max Bazerman’s book Better, Not Perfect: A Realist’s Guide to Maximum Sustainable Goodness was reviewed in Working Knowledge.

The MBA gets emotional

Financial Times | February 7th, 2021

Nicholas Epley was mentioned in a Financial Times piece on why business schools should invest more in teaching social and emotional skills. 

How leaders can navigate politicized conversations and inspire collaboration

Forbes | February 4th, 2021 

Francesca Gino’s research on the psychology of conversation in politicized workplaces was featured in Forbes.

How to stop sitting down all day

Wall Street Journal | February 4th, 2021

Dan Ariely wrote an article in The Wall Street Journal to answer questions on activity breaks, getting feedback and emergency savings. 

Adam Grant: Why the best leaders love being wrong

Inc. | February 2nd, 2021

Adam Grant’s new book, Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know was reviewed in an Inc. article.

Using empathy and curiosity to overcome differences

Cold Call | February 2nd, 2021

Francesca Gino was a guest on Harvard Business Review’s podcast Cold Call in an episode on the case of Bill Riddick and his work to help desegregate schools in Durham, North Carolina.

Facebook names Henry Moniz as first-ever compliance officer

Compliance | January 29th, 2021

Alison Taylor was mentioned in a Compliance Week article regarding her surprise that Facebook has only just hired their first-compliance officer.

Adam Grant picks 12 books to kick off 2021

Marker | January 26th, 2021

Adam Grant welcomed in the new year by sharing 12 new books for leaders to read in Marker.

Coming together or breaking apart: the case against cancel culture

Pacific Legal Foundation | January 26th, 2021

Jonathan Haidt was a panelist in a conversation organized by the Pacific Legal Foundation on the case against cancel culture.

Washington Post Live hosts “The Future of Work” with Aparna Bawa, Adam Grant, and Susan Lund

Washington Post | January 24th, 2021

Adam Grant was interviewed on Washington Post Live regarding how the structure and culture of work will continue to evolve.

Why you should follow people you personally disagree with on social media

Upworthy | January 21st, 2021

David Sloan Wilson’s theory on the evolutionary roots of altruism was discussed in an Upworthy article on finding ways to recognize all of humanity as part of the same tribe. 

Ethiopia’s hopes to be a global garment manufacturing hub are unravelling with the vicious war in Tigray

Quartz Africa | January 20th, 2021

Dorothee Baumann-Pauly wrote a piece in Quartz Africa on how the violent conflict in the Tigray region of Ethiopia is threatening the country’s hope to become a global garment manufacturing hub.

Researchers find weather may have an effect on the stock market

Forbes Advisor | January 19th, 2021

David Hirshleifer research paper, Good Day Sunshine: Stock Returns and the Weather was cited in a Forbes Advisor piece on if the weather has an influence on the stock market. 

Everything won’t be different

Inside Higher Education | January 18th, 2021

Jonathan Haidt was cited in an Inside Higher Ed article on three lessons from the pandemic that should help guide colleges and universities in the future.

Debunking the myth of Homo Economicus

Upstream | January 15th, 2021 

David Sloan Wilson was featured in The Upstream Podcast in an episode on the origins and impact of the idea of Homo Economicus, the economic man – a core principle in mainstream economic thinking.

How do you make morally difficult decisions?

Psychology Today | January 12th, 2021

Ann Tenbrunsel research study Sanctioning Systems, Decision Frames, and Cooperation was mentioned in a Psychology Today article on making choices that have an ethical component.

To make memories, stop taking photos

Wall Street Journal | January 7th, 2021

Dan Ariely wrote an article in The Wall Street Journal to answer questions on camera addiction, back-to-work burnout and giving effective compliments.

At work, your voice is underrated. So call me, maybe

UChicago News / January 4th, 2021

Nicholas Epley wrote a column in UChicago New on why we should reacquaint ourselves with the telephone. 

Habits: How to be successful everyday

Big Think | January 1st, 2021

Dan Ariely was featured in a short film on Big Think about understanding the nature of habit formation.

The Sydney Awards

The New York Times | December 24th, 2020

Jonathan Haidt was acknowledged in a New York Times opinion piece on great writing in a very challenging year. 

The psychology of fairness: Why some American’s don’t believe the election results

The Conversation | December 21st, 2020

David Mayer wrote an article in The Conversation on why some American’s don’t believe the election results. 

Slippery slopes and the boiling-frog effect: How the Republican Party succumbed to Trump

USA Today | December 23rd, 2020

Max Bazerman and Francesca Gino’s research on acceptance of unethical behavior was cited in a USA Today piece on “slippery slopes” and “the boiling-frog effect”

The best positive thinking books of 2020

Book Riot | December 18th, 2020

Max Bazerman’s book Better, Not Perfect was chosen as one of the best positive thinking books of 2020 by Book Riot.  

6 mental hangups employers may exploit in 2021

Forbes | December 17th, 2020

Dan Ariely was referenced in a Forbes article on encouraging staff COVID vaccination. 

30 must-read business books for upping your game in 2021

Forbes | December 16th, 2020

Adam Grant’s book Originals was named one of the top 30 must-read business books by Forbes contributor Jodie Cook.

For a better connection, talk instead of typing

Scientific American | December 15th, 2020

Nicholas Epley’s research on media and social connection was referenced in a Scientific American article on the benefits of talking on the phone.  

How a near-death experience led this founder to rethink his entire leadership strategy

Inc. | December 15th, 2020

Jonathan Haidt’s book, The Happiness Hypothesis: Finding Modern Truth in Ancient Wisdom, was mentioned in an Inc. article on the leadership strategy of Omaze founder, Matt Pohlson.

Work-from-home scores big praise, but proactive firms can make it better

Forbes | December 14th, 2020

Francesca Gino’s article on company culture during the pandemic was mentioned in a Forbes piece on the positive and negative impacts of working from home. 

Sheryl Sandberg shares the 3 steps she used to become more resilient after the death of her husband—and how anyone can use them to cope during a tough holiday season

Business Insider | December 11th, 2020

Adam Grant’s book with Sheryl Sandberg, Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy, was referenced in a Business Insider article on building resilience and facing adversity during a COVID holiday season. 

Talking cats & dogs: why you should be chatting to your pet

The Sydney Morning Herald | December 11th, 2020

Nicholas Epley was cited in The Sydney Morning Herald on how anthropomorphism is a sign of human intelligence, not stupidity.

How to make holiday tasks more manageable

Wall Street Journal | December 10th, 2020

Dan Ariely advised Wall Street Journal readers on questions about hanging Christmas lights, watching recorded events and giving effective presentations.

The young and unemployed need better networks

Fortune | December 5th, 2020

Francesca Gino’s co-authored study on instrumental social ties was cited in a Fortune piece on the need for creating better social networks.

Microsoft patents new software that can detect when employees are lazy

New York Post | December 3rd, 2020

J.S Nelson was cited in a New York Post article about a novel software that allows employers to monitor staffers’ body language and facial expressions during virtual and in-person meetings.

74 Interview: Hosts of ‘Bored of Ed’ podcast on post-COVID school reimagined for justice

The 74 | December 2nd, 2020

Dolly Chugh’s book The Person You Mean to Be was mentioned during an interview in The 74 about Post-COVID school reimagined for justice.

As cobalt demand booms, companies must do more to protect Congolese miners

The Conversation | November 25th, 2020

Dorothee Baumann-Pauly wrote an article in The Conversation on the Cobalt industry and protections for Congolese miners. 

Microsoft’s new ‘productivity score’ lets your boss monitor how often you use email and attend video meetings

Forbes | November 25th, 2020

J.S Nelson was cited in a Forbes article on Microsoft’s new “productivity score.”

How to feel gratitude at work when everything feels bleak

Huffington Post | November 24th, 2020

Adam Grant and Francesca Gino’s research on gratitude and prosocial behavior was cited in a Huffington Post article on ways to be grateful at work. 

Why talking on the phone instead of texting will help you feel more emotionally connected when working from home

Business Insider | November 20th, 2020

Nicholas Epley’s research paper on misunderstanding the impact of communication media was discussed in a Business Insider article on the emotional benefits of talking on the phone when working from home.

Race in tech, part one: Inside the numbers

Forbes | November 18th, 2020

Jonathan Haidt was referenced in a Forbes article on racial diversity in tech. 

No better time than right now to consider ethics

JD Supra | November 17th, 2020

Alison Taylor’s 2020 Wall Street Journal piece was cited in a JD Supra article reconsidering the role of ethics in business. 

November 17, 2020 – Amanpour and Company Full Episode

PBS SoCal | November 17th, 2020

Dan Ariely was interviewed in a PBS SoCal episode about the stranger side of human behavior brought on by the pandemic.  

Just how dishonest are most students?

New York Times | November 13th, 2020

Linda Treviño research on cheating in academic institutions was cited in a New York Times article on the effectiveness of honor codes. 

Making plans in a time of uncertainty 

The Wall Street Journal | November 12th, 2020

Dan Ariely answered questions about holiday planning, significant birthdays and how to price real estate in a Wall Street Journal piece. 

Professor badass? Bozoma Saint John to lead a Harvard B-School workshop on authenticity

Fast Company | November 12th, 2020

Francesca Gino’s B-school workshop with Netflix CMO Bozoma Saint John and Frances Frei was discussed in a Fast Company piece.

Work from anywhere trend intensifying ethics, and compliance issues

Forbes | November 6th, 2020

Max Bazerman and Ann Tenbrunsel’s book Blind Spots was mentioned in a Forbes article how the work from anywhere trend may be having broad uncertain net effects on productivity, ethics, and compliance. 

Don’t get blindsided by your blind spots

Harvard Business Review | November 5th, 2020

Francesca Gino was mentioned in a Harvard Business Review article on the importance of leadership self-awareness during turbulent times. 

Much of Europe is back in lockdown. Psychologist Adam Grant has tips on how to cope

World Economic Forum | November 5th, 2020

Adam Grant was interviewed by the World Economic Forum on advice for surviving—and maybe thriving—in lockdown. 

Moral Foundations Theory can help rehabilitate pharma’s image

STAT | November 4th, 2020

Jonathan Haidt’s Moral Foundations Theory was discussed in a STAT article on how the pharmaceutical industry can rehabilitate its image.

Can a trick-or-treater be trusted? 

The Wall Street Journal | October 29th, 2020

Dan Ariely answered questions about Halloween ethics, learning a language, and auction formats in a Wall Street Journal article.

Behavioral contagion is boosting Biden’s presidential prospects

Nautilus | October 23rd, 2020

Robert Frank wrote a piece in Nautilus on how behavioral contagion theory can help us predict the outcome of the upcoming 2020 presidential election. 

Divorce is down, despite covid

Washington Post | October 21st, 2020

Jonathan Haidt was mentioned in a Washington Post opinion piece on how most marriages have gotten stronger, not weaker, during the pandemic. 

Cobalt can be sourced responsibly, and it’s time to act

Forbes| October 17th, 2020

Dorothee Baumann-Pauly’s report for the World Economic Forum was discussed in a Forbes article on how Tesla should combat child labor in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

How companies can improve their decision-making process

Quartz | October 15th, 2020

Max Bazerman was mentioned in a Quartz article about the latest research on how individuals and organizations can make better decisions in uncertain situations.

Leopard changing its spots? BP’s new position on biodiversity crisis

Forbes | October 15th, 2020

Dan Ariely’s book, The (Honest) Truth About Dishonesty was referenced in a Forbes article on BP’s new biodiversity position. 

Why you should encourage employees to display family photos at work

Harvard Business Review | October 15th, 2020

David Mayer co-authored an article in Harvard Business Review on his recent research on the positive consequences of having family photos at work. 

Disruption, accessibility, and digital generation literacy

Inside Higher Ed | October 9th, 2020

Dolly Chugh was mentioned in an Inside Higher Ed piece on the ways that COVID-19 has brought global communities together and is forcing us to collaborate technically and across generations.

How to manage disruptive talent

ForbesOctober 5th, 2020

Francesca Gino’s book was referenced in a Forbes article on how leaders can harness the full potential of their entrepreneurial people, even when hard to manage.

Do you want to improve your communication skills? Here are 8 ways to do it

Entrepreneur | October 2nd, 2020

Nicholas Epley was cited in an Entrepreneur article on ways to improve communications skills including how to listen, when to ask questions, and to connect emotionally. 

Separate work from life with a “virtual commute” that energizes you

Quartz at WorkOctober 1st, 2020

Francesca Gino was cited in Quartz at Work on finding ways to separate work from life in the era of COVID-19.

How affluent people can end their mindless overconsumption

VoxSeptember 24th, 2020

Robert Frank was cited in a Vox article on climate change and the long-lasting impacts of small energy reducing choices. 

The problem isn’t the Republicans or Democrats; it’s ‘ethical fading,’ and it’s widespread

Hartford Courant | September 20th, 2020

Ann Tenbrunsel was mentioned in a Hartford Courant article on the impact of ‘ethical fading’ on politics and business.   

What is confirmation bias? Here’s how to avoid it in your decision-making process

Women’s HealthSeptember 18th, 2020

Max Bazerman was cited in a Women’s Health article on how confirmation bias can influence all aspects of life, including your mental health.

Cobalt can be sourced responsibly, and it’s time to act

SwissinfoSeptember 16th, 2020

Dorothee Baumann-Pauly wrote an opinion piece in Swissinfo calling for human rights to be at the center of a “green recovery” from the coronavirus pandemic and argues that the cobalt mining industry is ripe for change.   

How behavioral scientists transformed their lab for remote research

Uchicago NewsSeptember 16th, 2020

Nicholas Epley was cited in Uchicago News on conducting studies via Zoom.

Is happiness at work really attainable?

Cold Call: Harvard Business ReviewSeptember 15th, 2020

Francesca Gino was interviewed on Harvard Business School’s podcast, Cold Call, about whether focusing on employee happiness at work can drive success.

The good, the bad and the ‘radically dishonest’

The New York Times | September 15th, 2020
Dan Ariely was cited in a New York Times article on how lying and cheating behavior comes in several distinct flavors.

The startup Adam Grant is betting on to fix bias in hiring is out of stealth mode

Quartz at WorkSeptember 15th, 2020

Adam Grant was mentioned in a Quartz article on his new software startup, BrightHire.  

Curiosity: Why leaders should make this the new word in hiring

The Enterprisers ProjectSeptember 14th, 2020

Francesca Gino was cited in The Enterprisers Project on the value of curiosity in business. 

How Netflix film The Social Dilemma probes the dark side of tech

Financial TimesSeptember 8th, 2020

Jonathan Haidt was mentioned in a Financial Times piece on the new Netflix film, The Social Dilemma in which Haidt was featured. 

How to hold your own in Zoom meetings

The Wall Street Journal September 8th, 2020

Dolly Chugh was cited in a Wall Street Journal piece on the best ways to make sure your voice is being heard during Zoom meetings.  

Kids can learn to love learning, even over Zoom

The New York Times | September 7th, 2020

Adam Grant wrote an opinion piece in the New York Times on the ways teachers can nurture curiosity in their students—even over Zoom. 

A tool to practice overcoming “the mother of all biases”: overconfidence

Quartz at WorkSeptember 6th, 2020

Max Bazerman was cited in a Quartz at Work article on how overconfidence can drag down teams, and how to overcome it. 

Fallen soldier insults give Trump a lot to fear

Bloomberg | September 6th, 2020

Jonathan Haidt was cited in a Bloomberg opinion piece on how Biden has the opportunity to become the new champion of loyalty, authority, and sanctity.

Economist urges masks as ‘statement of social solidarity’

SDPB Radio | August 26, 2020

Robert Frank was interviewed on SDPB Radio about the power of social forces on mask-wearing behavior. 

The tone is set at the top

Mail & Guardian, Thought Leader | August 25, 2020

Max Bazerman’s book Predictable Surprises: The Disasters You Should Have Seen Coming, and How to Prevent Them was mentioned in an article on the need for change in management behavior. 

Follow the money: Why women should be in powerful positions

Forbes | August 13th, 2020

Adam Grant’s audiobook Power Moves was cited in a Forbes article on the importance of having women in powerful business positions.

Making these 2 lists can help you save cash and make ends meet, behavioral economist says 

CNBC Select | August 10, 2020

Dan Ariely was interviewed by CNBC Select about protecting finances from the coronavirus pandemic in the short- and long-term.

Building a successful community for your business: Three lessons

Forbes | August 10, 2020

Dan Ariely’s book Predictably Irrational was mentioned in a Forbes article on how to build a community that both supports and builds your business. 

The secret lives of us

The Sydney Morning Herald | August 7, 2020

Celia Moore was cited in an article on the deep psychology of humans telling and keeping secrets. 

Conflict people face in quest to be better 

Business Daily | August 6th, 2020

Dolly Chugh was mentioned in a Business Daily article on the role of conflict in creating change in business. 

Misdiagnosing our cyberhealth

Scientific American | August 4th, 2020

Nicholas Epley was cited in a Scientific American article on why people ignore information that could improve their ability to predict personal cyberattacks. 

The Princeton faculty’s anti-free-speech demands

The Atlantic | August 4, 2020

Jonathan Haidt was cited in an Atlantic article on Princeton’s approach for dealing with racism on campus. 

Should asking a stranger to take your photo go the way of the daguerreotype?

The Washington Post | August 3rd, 2020

Nicholas Epley was cited in a Washington Post article on the dying practice of asking strangers to take your photograph in the era of COVID-19. 

Is the ‘Experimentation Organization’ becoming the competitive gold standard?

Harvard Business School Working Knowledge | August 2, 2020

Max Bazerman was cited in an article on the rise of digital experimentation in modern organizations.

This tech could let bosses spy on you while you’re working from home

Deseret News | July 27th, 2020

Robert Hurley, J.S. Nelson, and Alison Taylor spoke to Deseret News about the safety of employee surveillance tech. 

3 mental traps that can make you overspend on a credit card, according to a behavioral economist

Business Insider | July 24th, 2020

Dan Ariely was interviewed by Business Insider about how credit cards incentive increased spending.

Teaching your kids kindness may help them succeed later in life

WBUR | July 21st, 2020

Adam Grant was interviewed on WBUR in an episode on prioritizing kindness over achievement when raising children.

Employee experience is the new customer experience: Five ways to boost the employee experience within your company

Forbes | July 13th, 2020

Adam Grant was cited in a Forbes article about the importance of prioritizing employee experience when trying to create a successful company.

Fighting the COVID blues: Advice from business research

Forbes | July 9th, 2020

Francesca Gino’s book How to Be a Rebel Leader was cited in Forbes.

Stereotypes harm black lives and livelihoods, but research suggests ways to improve things

Scientific American | July 8th, 2020

Dolly Chugh’s research on race and gender stereotypes, and their impact on the pathway to academia was mentioned in Scientific American.

How could human nature have become this politicized?

The New York Times | July 8th, 2020

Jonathan Haidt was cited in a New York Times op-ed on how the United States became so politically polarized in the Trump era. 

A letter on justice and open debate

Harper’s Magazine | July 7th, 2020

Jonathan Haidt was one of the 150 prominent figures who signed the letter on justice and open debate in Harper’s Magazine.  

The tale of two pandemics: How public perception is pushing policy

Forbes | July 3rd, 2020

Dan Ariely’s book, Predictably Irrational was cited in a Forbes article about the polarized narratives around the Coronavirus and how public perception is shaping public policy. 

Summer reading 2020

Strategy+Business | July 1st, 2020

Max Bazerman’s book, The Power of Experiments, was one of ten recommended books by  Strategy+Business

Time’s up for toxic workplaces

Harvard Business Review | June 19th, 2020

Marshall Schminke’s 2017 study on prosocial reactions to abusive workplace oversight was mentioned in this Harvard Business Review piece. 

The coronavirus has killed water-cooler chatter, but it’s a key skill for business and happiness 

Insider | June 18th, 2020

Dan Ariely spoke to Insider about why seemingly inconsequential workplace chatter, which has dwindled during the pandemic, is critical to workplace happiness.

How to quickly get someone to like and trust you, according to an FBI behavioral expert

Business Insider | June 17th, 2020

Robert Hurley spoke to Business Insider about the two ways people make decisions to trust others.

COVID-19 has ushered in the age of the ‘intangible company’. Here are 4 ways it will change business

World Economic Forum | June 16th, 2020

Alison Taylor wrote an article in the World Economic Forum on how the switch to remote work has ushered in the age of the “intangible company” and that the new challenge of the 2020s will be to present a clear vision and moral narrative for organizations—one that recognizes our broad human interdependence and the threats that face our planet.

Facing racism, and what to do next

The London Business School Review | June 15th, 2020

Dolly Chugh’s book, The Person You Mean to Be, was one of nine recommended books on dealing with bias and racism.

The surprising strategy for acing a job interview

The Wall Street Journal | June 13th, 2020

Francesca Gino wrote, in The Wall Street Journal, about why trying to figure out what your job interviewer is looking for only backfires.

Bubbles, virus, and biases 

Investors Chronicle | June 9th, 2020

David Hirshleifer’s recent paper on social transmission bias in economics and finance was mentioned in this Investors Chronicle piece.

Want to make better decisions? Start experimenting

MIT Sloan Management Review | June 4th, 2020

Max Bazerman and his The Power of Experiments co-author Michael Luca wrote about lessons in using randomized controlled experiments in business.

Adam Grant on how jobs, bosses, and firms may improve after the crisis

The Economist | June 1st, 2020

Adam Grant wrote, in The Economist, about how the legacy of the coronavirus may be more work satisfaction, more ethical leadership, and a deeper sense of trust.

Love your enemies; How to get past America’s divided culture war of contempt: My interview with Arthur Brooks

Forbes | June 1st, 2020

Ron Carucci interviewed Arthur C. Brooks, Professor of the Practice of Public Leadership at Harvard Kennedy School, about his recent book, Love Your Enemies, which has a newly relevant message amid country-wide protests against police violence.

Safetyism isn’t the problem

The New York Times | June 1st, 2020

Jonathan Haidt was mentioned in a New York Times op-ed about “safetyism” and the need to see beyond the stereotypes on both sides of the reopening debate.

Robert Frank’s radical idea 

Vox | May 26th, 2020

Robert Frank spoke to Vox Editor-at-Large Ezra Klein about the economic power of peer pressure, an idea central to his new book, Under the Influence.

Jonathan Haidt is trying to heal America’s divisions

The Atlantic | May 24th, 2020

Jonathan Haidt spoke to The Atlantic about the opportunity the pandemic presents to increase mutual understanding and social cohesion in a highly polarized country.

The pandemic spurred Americans to finally start saving money, but it’s unclear how long the new habit will last

Business Insider | May 14th, 2020

Dan Ariely spoke to Business Insider about why people during a pandemic happen to be saving more money than usual. 

Why work from home causes stress in more than just Zoom calls – And how to overcome it

WBEZ | May 13th, 2020

Adam Grant gave tips to WBEZ, Chicago’s NPR source, on how to ease the strain of working from home, and even find joy in it.

Faces, faces everywhere

The New York Times | May 5th, 2020

Nicholas Epley suggested to The New York Times that during this pandemic, people, out of a yearning for social contact, may very well be seeing faces where none exist.

How to define compliance and sustainability

Refinitiv Webinar | April 28th, 2020

Alison Taylor spoke on a Refinitiv webinar to discuss where compliance ends and sustainability begins and provided comments for a Refinitiv report on supply-chain transparency and oversight. 

Your employee engagement program isn’t working—Now what?

Gallup | April 28th, 2020

Ron Carucci had a Harvard Business Review article of his mentioned in this Gallup piece.

This is how COVID-19 could change the world of work for good

World Economic Forum | April 16th, 2020

Adam Grant spoke to the World Economic Forum about the challenges and promise that the COVID-19 crisis brings to work life. 

Tim Harford: Why we fail to prepare for disasters

Financial Times | April 16th, 2020

Max Bazerman had his book, Predictable Surprises: The Disasters You Should Have Seen Coming, co-authored with Michael Watkins, mentioned in this Financial Times piece.

How to stop procrastinating: A behavioral scientist teaches a dog trainer new tricks for productivity.

How To! Slate Podcast | April 14th, 2020

Dan Ariely went on How to! to discuss some tricks for confronting procrastination.

Is it even possible to focus on anything right now?

Harvard Business Review | April 14th, 2020

Francesca Gino had a quote of hers on the power of gratitude mentioned in this Harvard Business Review article. 

Hating your face on Zoom is the new hating your voice on the phone

Forge | April 13th, 2020

Nicholas Epley was mentioned in this Forge piece on how Zoom and the video-chat renaissance is introducing people to a new type of awkwardness.

Some major contagions have nothing to do with you-know-what

Sydney Morning Herald | April 11th, 2020

Robert Frank had his new book, Under the Influence, mentioned in this Sydney Morning Herald op-ed about the positive uses of behavioral contagion.

Coronavirus poised to upend how boards consider data protection, privacy

The Wall Street Journal | April 3rd, 2020

Andrea Bonime-Blanc spoke to The Wall Street Journal about how business leaders are giving more attention to issues surrounding remote work and data sharing.

Covid-19 is twisting 2020 beyond all recognition

The New York Times | April 1st, 2020

Jonathan Haidt spoke to The New York Times about how taking COVID-19 seriously has become a tribal marker.

Who needs human analysts when you’ve got robo-analysts?

The Irish Times | March 31, 2020

David Hirshleifer was mentioned in a piece about a study suggesting that robo-analyst firms’ stock advice is more profitable than that of their human counterparts.

The Coronavirus and the Conservative Mind

The New York Times | March 31, 2020

Jonathan Haidt had his research on “moral foundations” in politics mentioned by columnist Ross Douthat in a piece on coronavirus and the conservative mind.

A Post-Corona World

The Prof G Show | March 26, 2020

Jonathan Haidt and Scott Galloway discussed the social and psychological impact of COVID-19.

Meet the psychologist exploring unconscious bias—and its tragic consequences for society

Science | March 26, 2020

Dolly Chugh spoke to Science magazine about Jennifer Eberhardt’s research on unconscious bias, specifically the “other-race” effect.

Coronavirus is changing how people think about fighting climate change

PRI | March 26, 2020

Robert Frank spoke to PRI for an article about how COVID-19 is changing the way people think about fighting climate change.

Why Do People Hoard Toilet Paper? A Look At Irrational Behaviors In Uncertain Times

WBUR | March 25, 2020

Dan Ariely discussed how, in uncertain times, irrational behavior can feed on itself like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

How Pathogens Affect Cultural Values and Religious Edicts

Psychology Today | March 23, 2020

David Sloan Wilson’s research on religion and cultural evolution was mentioned in a piece about how pathogens affect society.

When We’re Wrong, It’s Our Responsibility as Scientists to Say So

Scientific American | March 21, 2020

Dan Ariely—along with Francesca Gino, Max Bazerman, and others—wrote about how they tried to reproduce their work on an ethical-behavior intervention, and ended up refuting it.

Beware of Guidance Fatigue

The Bulwark | March 21, 2020

Ann Tenbrunsel’s research on ethical fading was mentioned in a piece about how too many instructions leads to less compliance.

For some companies in the age of coronavirus, ethics pays

Compliance Week | March 17, 2020

Alison Taylor spoke about how several businesses have decided it is worth going above and beyond to help customers and employees.

‘Experimentation Works’ and ‘The Power of Experiments’ Review: Test, Test and Test Again

The Wall Street Journal | March 15, 2020

Max Bazerman’s new book, The Power of Experiments, discusses the effectiveness of A/B testing, which is baked into product development, along with other empirical trials and judgments.

Procrastinate Much? Manage Your Emotions, Not Your Time.

The New York Times | March 13, 2020

Adam Grant wrote a piece explaining how addressing procrastination isn’t about avoiding work; it’s about avoiding negative emotions.

Boeing In Crisis as Coronavirus Weighs on Already Struggling Airplane Maker

Cheddar | March 12, 2020

Andrea Bonime-Blanc talked about Boeing’s struggles during the pandemic.

The corporate responsibility facade is finally starting to crumble

Quartz | March 4, 2020

When reading a corporation’s sustainability report and then comparing it to its risk disclosures—or worse, its media coverage—wrote Alison Taylor, we might as well be reading about entirely distinct companies.

Companies still can’t stop labor abuses at Chinese factories

Quartz | March 3, 2020

Dorothée Baumann-Pauly talked about the flawed auditing methods in China that allow systemic labor abuses to go unchecked.

Prolific Wharton Professor Adam Grant Doesn’t Worry About Time Management. Here’s What He Does Instead—and So Should You

Inc. | February 28, 2020

Adam Grant does not worry about managing his time. He manages his attention instead.

Are the Houston Astros irredeemable cheaters? Or are they all of us?

Fortune | February 26, 2020

Ann Tenbrunsel’s decision-framing research was mentioned in a discussion about how the pro-baseball team deserves criticism for its cheating scandal.

Should hateful speech be regulated on campus?

The Harvard Gazette | February 24, 2020

Jonathan Haidt debated neuroscientist Lisa Feldman-Barrett on whether hate speech is violence at Harvard Law School.

Big Tech Is Testing You

The New Yorker | February 24, 2020

Large-scale social experiments are now ubiquitous, and conducted without public scrutiny. Has this new era of experimentation—which Max Bazerman examines in his new book, The Power of Experiments—remembered the lessons of the old?

How to Know When You’ve Made the Right Decision

ThinkAdvisor | February 20, 2020

Daylian Cain spoke about the tactics companies can use to judge the rightness of their decisions.

From Exceptionalism To Unrest: Why Google’s Culture Is Changing

Forbes | February 19, 2020

Caterina Bulgarella wrote about how, for Google—which has always crafted a narrative of exceptionalism—the emerging storyline around a more complex and controversial yet more realistic workplace experience may be disappointing but, also, uniquely enlightening.

Liar, Liar, Liar

NPR | February 17, 2020

Dan Ariely discussed the behavioral science of honesty—dishonesty, he said, is often not about character but opportunity.

Research: It Pays to Be Yourself

Harvard Business Review | February 13, 2020

Francesca Gino wrote about how, contrary to our intuition, simply being yourself makes a better impression than catering to another person’s interests and expectations.

You’re Not Listening. Here’s Why.

The New York Times | February 11, 2020

Nicholas Epley spoke about why we often do not listen when we think we know what someone will say.

Overwhelmed? The Productivity Tip a Leading Business Coach Swears By

Women’s Health | February 10, 2020

Caroline Webb went on the Women’s Health podcast Going for Goal to talk about how to be less busy yet more productive.

How Great Leaders Persevere When Things Are in a Shambles

Forbes | February 10, 2020

Ron Carruci wrote about how leaders persevere during periods of extreme adversity.

Thy Neighbor’s Solar Panels

The Atlantic | February 5, 2020

Robert Frank explains how, when our peers take actions to preserve the planet, we’re more likely to follow suit—the human instinct to conform could help us address the climate crisis.

2020 will be the year when corporate activism and global political risk converge

Quartz | February 5, 2020

Amid growing anger over corporate hypocrisy, greed, and social and environmental impacts, wrote Alison Taylor, employees are now openly questioning C-suite decisions about where companies do business—and with whom.

In 7 Days and 3 Protests, the Nation’s Divisions on Glaring Display

The New York Times | January 24, 2020

With activists mobilized and dug in on the left and right, there is increasing pressure on people in the middle to choose sides, part of what Jonathan Haidt calls “mob dynamics.”

The Little Things That Make Employees Feel Appreciated

Harvard Business Review | January 23, 2020

Francesca Gino and Adam Grant’s research has helped highlight that all too often, instead of giving people a meaningful sense of appreciation, employee-recognition programs become just another box for managers to check.

City of Norfolk takes diversity, equity and inclusion beyond the buzz words

Inside Business | January 22, 2020

Dolly Chugh’s book, The Person You Mean to Be: How Good People Fight Bias, was read in a book club created by city employees in Norfolk.

How Your Leadership Team Might Be Setting a Terrible Example

Forbes | January 13, 2020

Having your actions play out publicly as if on a jumbotron is a huge responsibility, Ron Carruci wrote, but unfortunately too many teams don’t take this responsibility as seriously as they should.

P&Q’s Favorite MBA Professors of 2019

Poets & Quants | January 8, 2020

Ann Tenbrunsel was selected as one of P&Q’s favorite business school professors of 2019.

Seven ways to teach tweens to give to others without sacrificing themselves

The Washington Post | January 6, 2020

Adam Grant spoke about how tweens can be encouraged to be more prosocial without becoming exceedingly altruistic.

Five Leadership Priorities for 2020—and Beyond

Forbes | January 6, 2020

As we look back at 2019, Caterina Bulgarella wrote, it is not a coincidence that the leaders who left enduring legacies strove for far greater objectives than their own success or their own group’s survival.

Can We Survive the Post-Truth Era?

Washington Monthly | January 3, 2020

Dan Ariely’s book, The Honest Truth About Dishonesty: How We Lie to Everyone—Especially Ourselves, was mentioned in a discussion about how Donald Trump’s perverse brand of B.S. took over American politics.

How to avoid the traps that produce loneliness and isolation

The Washington Post | January 2, 2020

Nicholas Epley and his collaborator were mentioned in a piece about not letting technology and corrosive politics control our behavior.