I am a Senior Lecturer of Leadership, Negotiations, and Ethics at the Yale School of Management. Much of my research focuses on conflicts of interest and the psychology of altruism.

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Ethical Systems Interview (February 2015)

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My Approach to Ethical Systems:

Like many of my fellow collaborators, I believe that many instances of ethical failure can be characterized by a failure to live up to personal values, so my MBA classes (e.g., “Business Ethics Meets Behavioral Economics”) examine the root causes of failure in judgment and decision-making, such as overconfidence, self-deception, inadequate perspective-taking, and conflicts of interest.

I also leverage my background in philosophy to lead students to contemplate our (personal and corporate) moral obligations to address societal needs (e.g., “Must/can a publicly traded firm care about anything other than its own long-term profits?”).

My Ethical Systems Research Page: Conflicts of Interest

Major Relevant Publications:


  • Conflicts of Interest: Challenges and Solutions in Business, Law, Medicine, and Public Policy (2005) (public library). This book is about conflicts of interest – how they can affect well-meaning professionals, limit the effectiveness of corporate boards, undermine professional ethics, corrupt expert opinion – and how to manage them.

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