I am an Associate Professor of Management at Vanderbilt University.

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Ethical Systems Interview

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My Approach to Ethical Systems:

Broadly, I am interested in understanding when and why tensions exist between ethical values and career gains in terms of money and social status. I investigate the circumstances under which these tensions emerge and explore how people resolve them. To do so, I often focus on gender and hierarchical position and how those constructs shape people’s identities. I seek to understand how hierarchical position and gender link to various types of ethical behavior at work, such as deception in negotiation and principled dissent. I have found that both gender and rank inform how people define themselves, sometimes to the detriment of their ethical decision-making. 

Major Relevant Publications

Practitioner-oriented articles

Does Getting Promoted Alter Your Moral Compass?

Why Powerful People Fail to Stop Bad Behavior

Does Accusing a Co-worker of an Ethical Lapse Hurt Your Credibility?

Changing the Narrative: Women as Negotiators—and Leaders

Academic articles

Building trust by tearing others down: When accusing others of unethical behavior engenders trust

Hierarchical rank and principled dissent: How holding higher rank suppresses objection to unethical practices

A social-cognitive approach to understanding gender differences in negotiator ethics: The role of moral identity

Perceptions of high integrity can persist after deception: How implicit beliefs moderate trust erosion

Hierarchies and dignity: A Confucian communitarian approach

Gender differences in trust dynamics: Women trust more than men following a trust violation

Not competent enough to know the difference? Gender stereotypes about women’s ease of being misled predict negotiator deception

Who is willing to sacrifice ethical values for money and social status? Gender differences in reactions to ethical compromises

When overconfidence is revealed to others: Testing the status-enhancement theory of overconfidence

Edited Books

Research Handbook on Gender and Negotiation