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Risk Assessment – By the Book

[This essay was originally posted on Corporate Compliance Insights.] Nothing is more important to developing and maintaining an effective C&E program than risk assessment, and effective risk assessment is, as a general matter, perhaps the most daunting task a C&E officer is likely to face.  The challenges are both conceptual (a surprising lack of consensus […]

Meet “Homo Duplex” – a new ethics super-hero?

[This essay was originally posted on The Conflict of Interest Blog.] In “Behavioral Ethics for Homo Economicus, Homo Heuristicus and Homo Duplex” – which is published in the March 2004 issue of Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes – Jesse Kluver, Rebecca Frazier and Jonathan Haidt describe three views of human nature and consider the implications […]

A system for teaching ethical systems

A system for teaching ethical systems Jeffrey M. Kaplan When I used to teach a section of a Professional Responsibility business school class I wanted to get the students thinking more from a preventive organizational approach to ethics than what was contemplated by the course materials that the school provided. To that end, on the first […]

Exemplary Ethical Recoveries

[This essay was originally posted on The Conflict of Interest Blog.] F. Scott Fitzgerald famously said, “There are no second acts in American lives,” but in the C&E world the second act may count for more than the first – for better or worse. Instances of the latter – tragic second acts – include various […]

CEOs’ Ethical Standards and the Limits of Compliance

[This essay was originally posted on The Conflict of Interest Blog.] I’m not one who sees ethics and compliance as operating in wholly distinct spheres, and have long felt that they closely complement each other. (For more on the general relationship between the two see this piece from the SCCE’s C&E journal.) But, of course, they […]

Ethics Exchange: Ethics, Compliance, and Human Nature

[This conversation was originally posted at ECOA Connects.] Jeff Kaplan:  Steve, nearly a century ago, John Maurice Clark – a professor at one of your alma maters, the University of Chicago – wrote:  “The economist may attempt to ignore psychology, but it is sheer impossibility for him to ignore human nature … If the economist […]

Too close to the line: a convergence of culture, law and behavioral ethics

[This essay was originally posted at The Conflict of Interest Blog.] Image via Wikimedia Commons. To “walk the line” means something very different to those who prosecute business crime cases than it did to Johnny Cash. For instance, in a speech given last year, Steven L. Cohen, Associate Director for Enforcement at the Securities and Exchange […]

Are you keeping track of your compliance costs?

[This essay was originally posted at The Conflict of Interest Blog.] A recent post reviewed some new and important research showing a positive correlation between companies having a culture of integrity and being profitable. Since then, the Ethics Resource Center issued its 2013 National Business Ethics Survey, which showed a decline in workplace misconduct which the […]