Navigating Ethical Systems: How professional accountants can drive ethical behaviour

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Learn about the individual psychology behind ethical behaviour, some of the issues impacting ethical systems and specific considerations for professional accountants and their teams to improve ethical behaviour.

Rethinking DEI in an Era of Outrage

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Efforts to improve DEI could benefit from less yelling and more thinking. Is DEI a long-overdue solution for centuries of prejudice or a diabolical power grab by underqualified progressives? Is it a way to enable a more empowered and effective…

Good vs. Good: Using Empathy and Effort to Grasp Opposing Views

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Approaching opposing views with empathy and effort can increase civility and understanding, leading to reduced tensions in the workplace.

Advancing DEI With More Psychological Safety and Authenticity 

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In Part 1 of this two-part series, I wrote about identifying and removing toxic elements from diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts. However, it isn’t just DEI’s combative issues or toxic approaches that can be problematic. Crudely spotlighting diversity and asking employees to take part in the process of enhancing it can cause threats to safety . . .

Detoxifying DEI: How to Clean Up the Reality and Perception of DEI

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As complaints about ill effects fuel criticism of diversity, equity, and inclusion—and companies “rebrand” their efforts to render them less obtrusive—is DEI destined to follow ESG in becoming the “latest dirty word in corporate America”?  

In The Age Of AI, Critical Thinking Is More Needed Than Ever

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Critical thinking is needed to ensure that AI implementation is successful. The rise of AI has proven to be a watershed moment in history, with countless arguments for and against its use in practically every industry and use case conceivable.…

One More Time: Why Diversity Leads To Better Team Performance

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Diversity has several established benefits to team performance. Discussions on diversity in the workplace can be heated and contentious. All too often, we see attitudes toward diversity in the workplace shift like a pendulum, as the explosion…

Where Business Needs To Step Up On Human Rights In 2024

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Business needs to step up to protect human rights. In an increasingly unstable and polarized world, far too many governments are unwilling or unable to protect their own people, undermining core human rights. As a result, global companies…

In Memory of Noel Boyland

Dear Friends, We have some devastating news. Earlier this month, Ethical Systems lost our beloved colleague Noel Boyland to a heart attack. Noel was our corporate engagement director and a dear friend—to us, and to many within…

From Citi To Meta, Companies Cutting Manager Roles Need A New Management Model

It is said that a leader’s effectiveness comes down to their behavior. But what leaders value can be as important. After all, behavior is often a means to an end.