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Research on the Giving Voice to Values curriculum

I have been corresponding with Mary Gentile, the creator of the widely used Giving Voice to Values curriculum. I asked her: “Is there any research showing behavioral effects of the curriculum? I know that this is extremely difficult to show, beyond the classroom.” Here is her very thoughtful response, which she graciously agreed to let […]

What an ethical culture is and isn’t

There was an interesting exchange at ECOA Connects blog last week, about what are the key components of an ethical culture. (ECOA is the Ethics and Compliance Officer Association.) The authors were two men with a great deal of experience working with companies on their ethics policies and problems. Steve Priest offered this simple common-sense […]

Regulation is especially needed in the finance industry

Two interesting recent articles, from left and right, argue that the finance industry is especially in need of restraint imposed by government regulation. From the left, Paul Krugman, “Why We Regulate.”  Gilded age banks, with little regulation, had bank panics every 6 years, on average. Bank regulation in the 1930s gave us a half century […]