Ethics by Design: How to Manage Organizations in an Era of Anxiety, Polarization, and Disruption

Our second biennial Ethics by Design conference brought together researchers and practitioners to discuss present-day challenges for running ethical organizations.

Through a combination of keynote presentations, panels, and research roundups, our participants discussed individual behavior, group norms, and legal/regulatory systems and how these relate to designing ethical systems in organizations.

We explored, among other topics, whether the law (and defensive legal practices) can risk loss of integrity in organizations; how industry-led approaches to managing ethical culture can benefit internal business practice; how to create organizational structures and guidelines for employees to voice opinions (about the right things); and using evidence-based tools to better assess internal reporting systems (and how such strategies themselves can introduce ethics risk). There were also multiple talks on contemporary challenges for companies managing ethical cultures in difficult times (e.g., integrating Gen-Z, improving diversity and inclusion, etc).

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Welcome Remarks & Introductory Talk

Azish Filabi

Executive Director of Ethical Systems

Jonathan Haidt

Professor of Ethical Leadership, NYU Stern School of Business

Presentation: Managing Organizations in an Era of Anxiety, Polarization, and Disruption

Morning Keynote: Tone at the Very Top

Luigi Zingales

Professor of Entrepreneurship and Finance, University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Presentation: Tone at the Very Top

Panel 1: Designing Wise & Ethical Limits to Speech

Introductory Lecturer and Panel Moderator

Robert Bloomfield

Professor in the Cornell SC Johnson Graduate School of Management


Hui Chen

Consultant, Ethics and Compliance

Celia Moore

Associate Professor in the Department of Management and Technology at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy

Randy Mikkelson

Managing Editor, Thomson Reuters

Presentation: Designing Wise & Ethical Limits to Speech

Research Round-Up 1 

“Social Contagion and Trust”

Robert Frank

Professor of Management and Economics at Johnson School of Management, Cornell University


“Dishonest Behavior Isn’t Random”

Ron Carucci

Consultant; Strategy, Organization, and Leadership Development

Presentation: Dishonest Behavior Isn’t Random

Panel 2: Fusing Ethics & Compliance*

Panel Moderator

Jim Lager

Deputy Ethics Counselor, US Government Accountability Office


Michael Held

General Counsel, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Michael Francis Silva

Partner and Chair, Financial Services Regulatory Practice, DLA Piper

Jennifer Arlen

Professor of Law, New York University School of Law

Robert Mass

Managing Director in Global Compliance at Goldman Sachs

* This panel was off the record.

Afternoon Keynote: Engineering Integrity*

Eugene Soltes

Associate Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

* This talk was off the record.


Panel 3: The Ethics of Workplace Surveillance and Monitoring

Panel Moderator

Robert Hurley

Professor at Fordham University, President of Hurley Associates, and the Executive Director of the Consortium for Trustworthy Organizations.


J.S. Nelson

Associate Professor of Law (Business Ethics) at Villanova Law School

Brian Beeghly

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Informed360

Rosemarie Paul

Ropes & Gray, Specialist in UK financial regulatory matters, with a particular focus on regulatory investigations and enforcement proceedings


Research Round-Up 2 

“Culture Assessment: An industry-wide approach to managing ethics”

David Hollis 

Manages the Assessment at the Banking Standards Board

“Integrity Analytics: Data meets social science”*

Katharina Whegmann

Associate Partner, Forensic and Integrity Services, Ernst & Young

“What Type of Man Improves Gender Equality in Organizations?”

Dave Mayer

Professor, Management and Organizations, Stephen M. Ross School of Business (University of Michigan)

“Doing Good Feels Surprisingly Good”

Nick Epley

John Templeton Keller Professor of Behavioral Science at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Presentation: Culture Assessment

What Type of Man Improves Gender Equality in Organizations?

* This research talk was off the record.

Panel 4: Managing Ethics and Culture

Panel Moderator

Henry Engler*

North American Regulatory Intelligence Editor, Thomson Reuters


Wieke Scholten

Head of Audit for Behavioral Risk, Royal Bank of Scotland

Nancy Harrington Jones

Chief Culture and Conduct Officer for the Americas, Societe Generale – Americas

Jamal Ahmed

Vice President of Internal Audit & Chief Ethics Officer, Day & Zimmermann

* Read the Ethical Systems interview with Henry Engler here.

Closing Remarks: Risks and opportunities on the horizon

Azish Filabi

Jonathan Haidt

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