Breaking the Fever: How to Be Brave in the Workplace with Jim Detert

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Listen to “S2-03 I How to be brave in the workplace – with Jim Detert” on Spreaker.

In this episode of our Breaking the Fever podcast, we speak with Jim Detert about courage in the workplace, and how to exercise it effectively.

During the pandemic, many people around the world started working remotely. At the same time, thousands of workers left their job or began speaking up against mistreatment in their workplaces to negotiate better conditions. What is the relationship between these two phenomena? We explore this question with Detert.

Jim Detert is a business administration and public policy professor at the University of Virginia. His research focuses on workplace courage, improvement-oriented voice—why people speak up or stay silent at work—ethical decision-making and behavior, and other leadership-related topics. You can find Jim’s latest book Choosing Courage on his website.

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Breaking the Fever is produced by Fiorella Lavorgna.