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The African Perspective: A Conversation with Uzodinma Iweala

Listen to “Episode 19 – Dr. Uzodinma Iweala” on Spreaker. In this episode of the Breaking the Fever podcast, we speak with Uzodinma Iweala about how race, culture, and class have shaped the COVID-19 crisis and life, in Africa as well as in the United States. Uzodinma Iweala is the CEO of The Africa Center, a […]

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Workplace Surveillance

Surveillance and monitoring in the workplace have evolved alongside advancing technologies, presenting ever-multiplying opportunities, risks, and emerging ethical questions. More pervasive and personal every year, the “datafication” of employee behavior attracts employers as it promises improved compliance, performance, and security. Pursuit of these benefits has led to increasingly intertwined tracking–ingrained and ubiquitous–fed to management dashboards […]

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Ethics Pays

There are some ethical concepts that are so important that it would be valuable to get them into widespread circulation in any organization that is trying to improve its ethics. But at Ethical Systems, we realize that not everyone has the time to explore our research pages. In response, we have partnered with the Notre Dame Center for […]

Breaking the Fever Webinar Series

Preventable Surprises and Ethical Systems are pleased to invite you to Breaking the Fever, an online mini-series. We are convening thoughtful and creative experts to stimulate ideas on what we can do as individuals and institutions to tame the pandemic today and to make our societies and economies more resilient tomorrow.  We will shortly be launching a podcast version […]