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In Memory of Noel Boyland

Dear Friends, We have some devastating news. Earlier this month, Ethical Systems lost our beloved colleague Noel Boyland to a heart attack. Noel was our corporate engagement director and a dear friend—to us, and to many within the wider Ethical Systems network. His good nature was infectious and lives on in our memories. Below, we […]

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Participate in a 5-minute global consultation survey on the evolution of corporate sustainability

Join thought leaders Robert Eccles & Alison Taylor, in partnership with Salesforce and GlobeScan for a 5-minute global consultation on the evolution of corporate sustainability. As a thank you for your time GlobeScan is offering a wealth of valuable, relevant and exclusive findings and planting ten trees for each response. Join the conversation here: https://survey.confirmit.de/wix/p745025365714.aspx?lktyp=5

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Why aiming for the best isn’t always good for you (w/ Barry Schwartz and Coco Krumme)

Many people are obsessed with optimizing their lives, but this might be a suboptimal way to live. Adam brings together psychologist Barry Schwartz (author of “The Paradox of Choice”) and applied mathematician Coco Krumme (author of “Optimal Illusions”) to discuss the dark side of maximizing everything. The three discuss the unintended consequences of always aiming […]

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Positive Psychology & Ethical Organizations

The modern movement of Positive Psychology is often said to have begun when Martin Seligman, in a 1998 speech as APA President, introduced the idea of a “reoriented science that emphasizes the understanding and building of the most positive qualities of an individual: optimism, courage, work ethic, future‑mindedness, interpersonal skill, the capacity for pleasure and […]

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Leadership lessons from Zelenskyy and Putin

As Russia continues to attack Ukraine, the whole world is watching a momentous clash of leadership styles. No one is more qualified to analyze the situation than political scientist and former US ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul. In this episode, he and Adam discuss Putin’s motives, Zelensky’s rise, and the leadership lessons from this crisis. […]

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Seeking Corporate Ethics Trainers and College Ethics Instructors for Research Survey

Are you a corporate ethics trainer or College ethics professor/instructor?   If you are, then please take this brief Global Survey of Business Ethics conducted by the World Congress of Business, Economics, and Ethics (ISBEE).  If you are interested in participating please click here. The survey aims to capture and publish a comparative perspective on the […]