Jon Haidt Presents Keynote on “Maintaining Ethical Culture” at Global Ethics Summit 2018

In today’s polarized political climate, it is even more important to know how to engage in constructive dialogue in order to advance mutual business interests and perpetuate a sustainable organizational culture of ethics and respect.

Addressing this head on, Ethical Systems co-founder Jonathan Haidt delivered a mid-day keynote entitled Maintaining Ethical Culture in a Political Whirlwind on day 1 at Ethisphere’s Global Ethics Summit 2018.

Haidt’s presentation focuses on the intersection of business ethics and political philosophy and the solutions he has identified throughout his tenure as a leading social scientist and business ethics professor at NYU’s Stern of Business. After an introduction to the mission of Ethical Systems and the resources and research featured on our website, Haidt spotlights strategies from moral and social psychology and offers suggestions and solutions to strengthen mutual understanding in companies and groups.



Download the complete set of PDF slides from Jon Haidt’s presentation.


We welcome your comments on how you can apply this knowledge in your organization. Thanks to Ethisphere and the 10th Annual Global Ethics Summit for their permission to share this content.