Can We Learn to Disagree Better? with Adam Grant

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In this episode of the The Economist Asks podcast, host Anne McElvoy is joined by Adam Grant. They discuss the link between arguing well and being open-minded, whether reasoned argument can withstand the corrosive effect of social media, the recent rise of influential political communicators, how resilience psychology can help those who are “languishing,” and more.

Adam Grant is an organizational psychologist who studies work motivation, job design, and prosocial and proactive behaviors. His research examines the forces that motivate employees to help others, and the implications of these behaviors for success and well-being. Although many employees do work that has a meaningful impact on others, all too often, they lack a vivid understanding of how their efforts make a difference. Grant’s studies demonstrate that employees work harder, smarter, longer, more generously, and more productively when they can see how their work affects others. He is the author, most recently, of Think Again among others.

Anne McElvoy is a columnist and broadcaster. She began her career on The Times, covering German unification, the Balkans and Russia/Ukraine before becoming Deputy Editor of the Spectator and the Evening Standard and a political columnist. She joined The Economist in January 2011 as policy editor, heading audio until 2022. McElvoy also presents regularly on the BBC.