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Human Rights

INTRODUCTION Image: U.S. First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt displaying the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1949 Since World War II and the founding of the United Nations, the established human rights framework under international law has focused on the responsibility of states to protect the rights of their citizens. This was first articulated in a […]

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INTRODUCTION  Image: J.-H. Janßen, “Justice” statue, via Wikimedia Commons Every organization must confront the challenge of motivating its work force. From research on fairness in organizational contexts (‘organizational justice research’) we know that fairness is one key. Organizational justice research consistently finds that employees are more motivated when they feel that organizational resources are allocated fairly, that organizational decisions […]

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Compliance & Ethics Programs

  Hammurabi’s Code, ca. 1772 BCE, included 282 laws, some of which often prescribed punishing noncompliance with the removal of one’s hand. INTRODUCTION Compliance and ethics (“C&E”) programs are organizational policies put in place to promote law abiding and ethical conduct. To be effective, they must be supported by procedures, communications efforts, and cultural attributes. While the […]