What The Economist Gets Wrong About ESG

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The Economist published an eight-part series last month on ESG investing.

Breaking the Fever: It Takes Two to Tango: In the Life of Oligarchs with Elisabeth Schimpfössl

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In this episode of our Breaking the Fever podcast, we speak with Elisabeth Schimpfössl about the targeting of Russian oligarchs with economic sanctions and other restrictive measures.

The Most Egregious Failure in ESG

A major stock index that tracks sustainable investments dropped electric vehicle-maker Tesla from its list in May 2022—but it kept oil giant ExxonMobil.

Promoting the Truth About Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

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Social media companies cannot prevent Putin from blocking their platforms, but there are workarounds. The first casualty of war is truth. Variations of that famous aphorism are attributed to California Senator Hiram Johnson at the turn of…

Does Tesla Deserve to Be Treated as an ESG Champion?

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If ESG investing is to fulfill its promise of encouraging better corporate behavior, it needs a better “S” framework. In January, Tesla, a company with a market capitalization of more than $1 trillion, announced “breakthrough” 2021…

“Don’t Look Up” Is More Than a Metaphor for Climate Inaction

We should be investing in resources including the skills, health infrastructure, and technology we will need to deal with future pandemics and the consequences of climate change. In the new Netflix sensation Don’t Look Up, two astronomers,…

A Major Step in Global Space Policy

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With increasing commercialization, the lines between military and civilian uses of space are less blurry. On Nov. 15, 2021, Russia destroyed one of its own old satellites using a missile launched from the surface of the Earth, creating…

How to Convince CEOs to Support Climate Action at the Expense of Profits

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Businesses require a thriving, stable society to operate, and cannot survive in a failing world. There is now widespread consensus that limiting the global temperature increase to 1.5℃ requires fundamental changes in sectors like energy,…

Now Is the Time to Prepare for the Economic Shocks of Battling Climate Change

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Shedding reliance on fossil fuels is key to making the leap from a carbon-intensive present to a greener future. Experts say that smart planning and transparent policymaking can ease the transition—and balance the worst financial risks. The…

Big American Companies Have Only Begun Tackling the Racial Wealth Gap

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Companies need to do more internally to ensure that these actions evolve into the profound and sustainable reforms that are needed. Last month, our country marked the one-year anniversary of George Floyd’s brutal murder. It has been a…