Azish Filabi Interviewed by the American Marketing Association

Ethical Systems CEO Azish Filabi, was interviewed in a far-reaching discussion with Hal Conick published on Marketing News, a publication of the American Marketing Association.

In the piece, which covers both the components and traits of an ethical leader as well as how to make ethics front and center in the hiring process and how marketers can be more ethical, Azish connects research with practice, helping identify academic reference points to confirm potential, and profitable, strategies. From the piece:


Q: How important is it to have ethics front-of-mind in the hiring process? Is there any research that supports this?

A: Followers who rate their leader as more ethical have more favorable job attitudes, such as job satisfaction and commitment. They are also less likely to report intentions to leave the organization. This is because followers are attracted to ethical role models who care about them, treat them fairly and set high ethical standards.

Ethical leadership is also associated with more helpful behavior from employees, perhaps because ethical leaders model helpful behavior [per research from David Mayer; and Fred Walumbwa and John Schaubroeck]. Ethical leadership also reduces deviant or unethical behavior in followers [per research from Mayer]. Again, ethical leaders are role models, and followers learn how to behave by observing them, [per research from Celia Moore]. When unethical acts occur in the social environment, employees who have an ethical leader are more likely to report the wrongdoing to management because ethical leaders create a psychologically safe environment and are trusted to handle reports fairly and with care, [per research from Mayer].


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