Introducing the Ethical Systems Culture Measurement Tool

Ethical culture is the linchpin to running an ethical organization.  Yet, while everyone agrees that culture is a vital aspect of any successful organization there is no consensus on how to analyze and measure it. At Ethical Systems, we are working with the top researchers on organizational culture and have developed assessment tools that companies can use. Our new Ethical Systems Culture Measurement site provides a suite of modules designed to measure various elements of organizational culture.

Module 1 is an Ethical Culture Survey incorporating questions that pinpoint the most relevant components for concise and constructive feedback to improve the systems that comprise a truly ethical culture in organizations.  Module 2, Structure, surveys employees about their perceptions of the internal systems and structures of the organization that impact their ethical behavior, such as hiring practices and rewards systems.

Like pieces of a puzzle that come together to form a collective picture, organizations must consider various factors that drive employee’s ethical behavior, such as leadership, trust, empathy, fairness, among others, that together work as levers to influence and shape outcomes.

We are seeking companies to participate in the piloting of Modules 1 and 2. Companies that get involved with us at this stage will receive a comprehensive assessment of their organization based on the data collected from the survey.  For a sample of past assessment reports, click here.


By making people and companies aware of mechanisms that impact ethical culture, and how to properly design systems that reinforce positive behavior, Ethical Systems is at once an advocate, partner and facilitator in the success and resiliency of business.



Please contact Jeremy Willinger at if you are interested in participating.