A More Prosocial World in Theory and Practice

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Listen to "#30 - A More Prosocial World in Theory and Practice" on Spreaker. In this episode of the Breaking the Fever podcast, we speak with David Sloan Wilson about cooperation—how it evolved in social beings, how culture and norms can…

The Obscure Medieval Roots of the Modern Psyche

“The cultural evolution of psychology,” Joseph Henrich writes, “is the dark matter that flows behind the scenes throughout history.” Imagine you are in the city, riding in a car with a close friend, and he hits a pedestrian going…

The Case Against Entrepreneurship As We Know It

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Is there a “Third Way” for entrepreneurship, which differs from both laissez-faire and centralized planning? Entrepreneurship is typically regarded as an individualistic activity that takes place in a free-market economy, usually in…