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The Psychology of Shifting to Stakeholder Capitalism

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The key driver for a shift toward stakeholder capitalism is unlikely to be a presentation on the metrics, and far more likely to be the conversation an executive is having with his teenage children at the dinner table. As a result of COVID-19’s…

The Popular, Bad Arguments Against Stakeholder Capitalism

Words can easily be used as weapons to turn an intelligent nuanced debate into a caricature, thereby dismissing it from further evolution. The gentlemen do protest too much, we think—with apologies to William Shakespeare for abusing his…

Business Roundtable Wants Fair Employee Payment, But What About Agency?

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The problem with the modern workplace is deeper than the ideology of shareholder primacy. Well into his 30s, my father ran a pool-plumbing business that just got us by: Sometimes clients wouldn’t pay, and when they did, it wouldn’t be…