Navigating Ethical Systems: How professional accountants can drive ethical behaviour

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Learn about the individual psychology behind ethical behaviour, some of the issues impacting ethical systems and specific considerations for professional accountants and their teams to improve ethical behaviour.

Where Business Needs To Step Up On Human Rights In 2024

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Business needs to step up to protect human rights. In an increasingly unstable and polarized world, far too many governments are unwilling or unable to protect their own people, undermining core human rights. As a result, global companies…

Financial Markets, Democracy, and Power with Jim Leitner

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Listen to "S2-09 I Financial markets, democracy and power with Jim Leitner" on Spreaker. In this episode of our Breaking the Fever podcast, we speak with Jim Leitner about the relationship between democracy and market performance. Starting…

Breaking the Fever: Breaking Free from the Business Case Paradigm with Rick Alexander

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In this episode of our Breaking the Fever podcast, we speak with Rick Alexander about the tension between responsible corporate actions and maximizing investors' financial returns.

Why Your Company Should Focus on Being a Good Place to Be From

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Instead of wanting employees on board until you’re tired of them—a philosophy employees are all too familiar with—focus on developing employees by figuring out their passions, giving them relevant experiences to help them become more…

Why “Business Ethics” Has Little to Do with Business Ethics

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In this episode of the Decision Corner podcast, host Brooke Struck speaks with Jon Haidt and Alison Taylor about the role of ethics and values in business, including the challenges associated with Gen-Z, and the workplace culture changes…

How Investors Can Lead the Shift Toward Stakeholder Capitalism

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The overwhelming focus on correlating highly imperfect ESG metrics with financial performance risks drowning out more promising avenues of research on how to meaningfully encourage a broader and longer-term approach to value creation. It’s…

Survey: Business Leaders See Ethics as a Competitive Advantage

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Business leaders, according to the study, “feel a growing responsibility to exert their influence on broader societal challenges, from climate change to deforestation to racial and gender equality.” ESG is turning out to be an abbreviation…

The Psychology of Shifting to Stakeholder Capitalism

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The key driver for a shift toward stakeholder capitalism is unlikely to be a presentation on the metrics, and far more likely to be the conversation an executive is having with his teenage children at the dinner table. As a result of COVID-19’s…

New Evidence Shows How Gender Diversity Improves Banking Culture

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A larger presence of women on a bank's board of directors helps to foster a better corporate culture. In the past decade, a larger-than-ever number of scandals and fraud episodes led to the world's largest banks being hit with an unprecedented…