Why the PGA Tour Should Not Help Distract from Saudi Arabia’s Human Rights Abuses

The PGA Tour has handed over the keys to its kingdom, in this instance to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Why Modern America Creates Fragile Children

In this video produced by Big Think, Jonathan Haidt argues that Gen-Z is more fragile and sensitive to conflict, insults, and exclusion, making them less adept at solving problems on their own.

The Challenges and Promises of Climate Lawsuits

Even the temperate, mountainous country of Switzerland isn’t immune to climate change.

The Anthropology Professor in an Amazon Warehouse

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My first day of work in an Amazon warehouse I was nervous.

Why True Empathetic Leadership Is Empowering Mentorship

Maintaining effective leadership is important to everyone, but being an effective leader can sometimes be confused with being friends with or well-liked by employees.

How to Harmonize Human Creativity With Machine Learning

With the rise of machine learning tools such as ChatGPT, we’ve seen a lot of speculation regarding what that looks like for the future of human creativity in the workplace and elsewhere

How to Cultivate Good Power

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In this episode of Re:Thinking with Adam Grant, Adam speaks with Ginni Rometty, the former CEO at IBM.

In Shopify Support, Effective Managers Act As Mission Enablers

Is there a leadership craft that can help employees feel fully empowered in a remote or hybrid work setting?