The Difference Ethical Leadership Can Make in a Pandemic

The human costs of the COVID-19 pandemic are hard to grasp and accept.

It’s Time for a New Agenda for Business Integrity

Last November, I went to Dubai as a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Transparency and Anti-Corruption.

Will Working at Home Make Us More Ethical?

Research I reported on several years ago suggests working from home could make a positive ethical difference.

How Leaders Help People Find Real Hope in the Face of a Pandemic

From all corners of the earth, this pandemic has revealed humanity at our best, combating a pandemic virus with a pandemic of compassion. Like many leaders, my clients are scrambling to adapt to this new “virtual reality” of uncertainty…

The Value of Psychological Flexibility During a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic, and our response to it, has foisted considerable uncertainty into the personal and professional lives of humans across the planet. Lockdowns, travel restrictions, physical distancing, and the shift to remote work…

The C.R.A.P. Framework for Addressing Workplace Bullshit

Bullshit can both make us more uncertain at work, because of how it clouds the truth, and it can make us feel more certain, because of how the bullshit appeals to what we think or wish to be true. Call me naive but I was shocked as an undergraduate…

The Philosopher-for-Hire Who Says Meaningful Work Is an Illusion

Over the last decade, Andrew Taggart has made a name for himself. Outlets like Quartz and Big Think have described him as a gadfly-for-hire, a practical philosopher who offers his conversational and philosophical acumen to the likes…

What Management Model Best Stems the Spread of COVID-19?

After reaching pandemic proportions, the novel coronavirus is a perfect example of a high conduct-risk challenge. The rate at which COVID-19 will continue to spread will largely depend on how people manage the risk of contagion and whether…

When Surveillance Is Self-Defeating

In February, Barclays Bank in the United Kingdom announced that it would end a staff-monitoring scheme after the Trades Union Congress accused the bank of using “dystopian Big Brother employment practices.” However, numerous American…

The Case for Diversifying the Prototypical Leader

Fostering a diversity of views and styles of leadership could give organizations, among other things, an ethical advantage.