Why True Empathetic Leadership Is Empowering Mentorship

Maintaining effective leadership is important to everyone, but being an effective leader can sometimes be confused with being friends with or well-liked by employees.

How to Harmonize Human Creativity With Machine Learning

With the rise of machine learning tools such as ChatGPT, we’ve seen a lot of speculation regarding what that looks like for the future of human creativity in the workplace and elsewhere

How to Cultivate Good Power

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In this episode of Re:Thinking with Adam Grant, Adam speaks with Ginni Rometty, the former CEO at IBM.

In Shopify Support, Effective Managers Act As Mission Enablers

Is there a leadership craft that can help employees feel fully empowered in a remote or hybrid work setting?

Democracy in an Era of Fragmentation, Outrage, and Anomie

The final event of the 2023 Phil Lind Initiative series, (Un)Civil Discourse, with Jonathan Haidt.

The Exploitation of Hollywood’s Writers Is Just Another Symptom of Digital Feudalism

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The current Hollywood writers strike has drawn international attention to the plight of TV and film writers in the streaming era.

It’s Time to Take “Corrupt AI” Seriously

Recently your social media feed may have been flooded with headlines on the advances in AI or even AI-generated images.

Can Teens Survive the Digital World?

In this episode of the Catalysts for Change podcast, host Jill Shah speaks with Jon Haidt about his research on social media’s impact on teenage mental health. They discuss childhood and adolescent development, psychological sex differences…

How to Strengthen Company Cohesion in a Polarized Society

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To say that we live in a fragmented, polarized world can feel like an understatement.