Chobani CEO Hamdi Ulukaya’s “Anti-CEO Playbook”

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In this episode of Re:Thinking with Adam Grant, Adam speaks with Hamdi Ulukaya, CEO of Chobani, an American yogurt company.

How to Cultivate Good Power

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In this episode of Re:Thinking with Adam Grant, Adam speaks with Ginni Rometty, the former CEO at IBM.

When Employers Reward “Ideal” Workers, Gender Equality Suffers

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UK deputy prime minister Dominic Raab recently resigned following the publication of a report into workplace complaints about his conduct, including bullying allegations.

Getting to the Heart of Team Culture with Pete Carroll

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In this episode of Re:Thinking with Adam Grant, Adam speaks with Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll about the ingredients for taking a team to the Super Bowl.

The Case Against Social Media Is About to Get More Interesting

In late March, Reason, a libertarian-leaning politics and culture magazine, ran the emphatic headline: “The Statistically Flawed Evidence That Social Media Is Causing the Teen Mental Health Crisis.”

Navigating Polarization and Activism in the Workplace

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A couple days before the World Cup in Qatar was set to kick off, FIFA, soccer’s governing body, announced a ban on beer.

5 Things to Do When You Encounter People with “Dark Personality Traits” at Work

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Have you ever suffered through tales of greatness from a self-absorbed “friend” who reminds you of Michael Scott from The Office—and not in a good way?

Do Surges in Worker Strikes and Union Elections in 2022 Mark a Turning Point for Organized Labor?

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Workers organized and took to the picket line in increased numbers in 2022 to demand better pay and working conditions, leading to optimism among labor leaders and advocates that they’re witnessing a turnaround in labor’s sagging fortunes.

The Culture That Tech Companies Have Worked So Hard to Cultivate Is Lost Amid Layoffs

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As companies like Amazon and Meta lay off thousands of employees to cut costs, they lose something valuable in the process that can’t be quantified: workplace culture.