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At COP 27 in Egypt, Climate Accountability Will Be Challenging

Given the urgency of the agenda, this year’s COP meeting in Sharm El-Sheikh should be drawing greater high-level participation than ever. But that will not be the case. The U.N. climate conference known as COP 27 will soon convene in Sharm…

Rethinking Insurance for Floods, Wildfires, and Other Catastrophes

When Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana on August 29, 2005, surges of seawater more than 20 feet higher than normal tide levels crested over the levees surrounding New Orleans.

Why Patagonia’s Purpose-Driven Business Model Is Unlikely to Spread

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Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard, his wife, Malinda, and their two adult children no longer own the outdoor gear and apparel company.

The 10 Financial Actors Who Stand in the Way of Slowing Climate Change

Who are the key financial actors that can lead the low-carbon transition in the fossil fuel industry?

How to Short-Circuit Short-Term Thinking

Human behavior is fueling major social dilemmas—from climate change to the Covid pandemic to the spread of misinformation. But that means it’s also the solution, if only we can harness psychology for the common good. The world is facing…

Does Tesla Deserve to Be Treated as an ESG Champion?

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If ESG investing is to fulfill its promise of encouraging better corporate behavior, it needs a better “S” framework. In January, Tesla, a company with a market capitalization of more than $1 trillion, announced “breakthrough” 2021…

“Don’t Look Up” Is More Than a Metaphor for Climate Inaction

We should be investing in resources including the skills, health infrastructure, and technology we will need to deal with future pandemics and the consequences of climate change. In the new Netflix sensation Don’t Look Up, two astronomers,…

How to Convince CEOs to Support Climate Action at the Expense of Profits

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Businesses require a thriving, stable society to operate, and cannot survive in a failing world. There is now widespread consensus that limiting the global temperature increase to 1.5℃ requires fundamental changes in sectors like energy,…

Why Banning Financing for Fossil Fuel Projects in Africa Isn’t a Climate Solution

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When it comes to carbon dioxide emissions, sub-Saharan Africa is collectively responsible for barely half a percent of all global emissions over time. Today’s global energy inequities are staggering. Video gamers in California…