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How to Strengthen Team Unity in a Virtual Workplace

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Unity. It’s one of the most important traits of any successful team—whether in the office, in the military, or on a sports field.

The Challenge of Working Remotely That’s Gone Most Unappreciated

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To see so many businesses finally catch up to the technological reality—that many jobs can be remote—can feel like a wonderful side effect of the pandemic lockdown. The option to work remotely is wonderful and worth fighting for. It’s…

Remote Work and the Strategic Advantage of Culture

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q22cclehDjY In this virtual event, hosted by the New York Fed in July, Alison Taylor joined other panelists to discuss, among other things, how norms are transmitted in various work environments, and the…

Why a Basecamp Founder’s Blog Post Blew the Company Up

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Basecamp sought to transcend the messy, fraught political discussions—particularly about racism—that surround all of us with the quick fix of stifling speech on those topics in their chat forums. In 2018, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier…

How Company Culture Can Survive Remote Work and Be Ethical

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Just as important as the new challenges, is what is missing from the remote office—coworkers, supervisors, a professional environment, office pop-ins, small talk, and casual social clustering. Due to advancing technology, COVID-19, and…

Surveillance Tech Robotizes Employees, Eroding Trust and Well-Being

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It very well may be that the costs to employee well-being actually significantly diminish, perhaps even negate, the supposed financial gains surveillance seems to promise. In some Chinese elementary schools, students wear attention-monitoring…

Will Working at Home Make Us More Ethical?

Research I reported on several years ago suggests working from home could make a positive ethical difference.