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How to Understand Political Polarization in the Workplace

In this conversation from the NeuroLeadership Institute, host David Rock speaks with Jon Haidt and Alison Taylor about the social and technological origins of our politically polarized era, and how it now affects the dynamics of workplace culture in the United States and elsewhere. They discuss: The ways our divisions and biases affect diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts The […]

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The Science of Collaborating Effectively: A Conversation with Debra Mashek

Listen to “#28 – The Science of Collaborating Effectively: A Conversation with Dr Debra Mashek” on Spreaker. In this episode of the Breaking the Fever podcast, we speak with Debra Mashek about how true collaboration emerges within and between groups, why it breaks down, and what companies can do to foster it. We discuss: – […]

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Dan Ariely and the Science of Human Capital

In this episode of the Capital Allocators podcast, host Ted Seides speaks with Ethical Systems collaborator Dan Ariely about his ongoing work quantifying human capital—how employees’ motivation and feelings about their companies, among other things, affect financial performance. Dan Ariely is a leading behavioral economist, author, entrepreneur and the James B. Duke Professor of Psychology […]

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What Social Media Is Doing to Us

In this video, produced by the Strand Book Store in New York City, Jon Haidt speaks with Chris Bail, author of Breaking the Social Media Prism: How to Make Our Platforms Less Polarizing, about how social media distorts our identities, empowers status-seeking extremists, and renders moderates all but invisible. Chris Bail, a Professor of Sociology, Public Policy, […]

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How Viewpoint Diversity Makes You Smarter and Stronger

In this video, produced by the SNF Paideia Program at the University of Pennsylvania, Jon Haidt speaks with discussion moderator Jonathan Zimmerman, of Penn’s Graduate School of Education, about the positive impact of viewpoint diversity on our personal life and in our institutions. Paideia is an ancient Greek word meant to capture the moral, intellectual, […]

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Why Do We Always Think We’re Right? A Conversation with Jon Haidt

In this episode of The Good Fight podcast, host Yascha Mounk speaks with Ethical Systems Founding Director Jonathan Haidt about the psychological differences between the political left and right, the human tendency to discriminate in favor of the in-group, and how to build a less tribal culture and country. Jonathan Haidt is the Thomas Cooley […]