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How Viewpoint Diversity Makes You Smarter and Stronger

In this video, produced by the SNF Paideia Program at the University of Pennsylvania, Jon Haidt speaks with discussion moderator Jonathan Zimmerman, of Penn’s Graduate School of Education, about the positive impact of viewpoint diversity on our personal life and in our institutions. Paideia is an ancient Greek word meant to capture the moral, intellectual, […]

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Why Do We Always Think We’re Right? A Conversation with Jon Haidt

In this episode of The Good Fight podcast, host Yascha Mounk speaks with Ethical Systems Founding Director Jonathan Haidt about the psychological differences between the political left and right, the human tendency to discriminate in favor of the in-group, and how to build a less tribal culture and country. Jonathan Haidt is the Thomas Cooley […]

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Insurance Companies Can Help Phase Out the Fossil-Fuel Industry

Listen to “#25 – Insurance Companies Can Help Phase Out the Fossil-Fuel Industry” on Spreaker. In this episode of the Breaking the Fever podcast, the second in our miniseries on climate finance, we speak with Peter Bosshard and Elana Sulakshana about the insurance sector’s role in maintaining status-quo climate policies, and what insurers can do […]

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Corporate Culture Assessment

Corporate culture, a rather nebulous psychological construct, is nevertheless part of an organization’s personality. It informs employees—via expectations, standards, prohibitions, and norms, both written and unwritten—how to behave, ultimately driving individual and group-level behavior. This culture is also inherently and deeply linked to ethics, because individual employees tend to act in accordance with the culture […]

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How to Assess Corporate Culture: A Conversation with Jeff Kaplan

In this episode of the Compliance Perspectives podcast, host Adam Turteltaub speaks with Ethical Systems Steering Committee member Jeff Kaplan about how corporate culture can influence the effectiveness of a compliance program. They discuss many factors compliance teams should pay attention to when assessing culture, including: Tone at the middle How easy it is to speak up […]


Looking Back, Looking Forward: A Year in Pandemic

Listen to “#23 – Looking Back, Looking Forward: A Year in Pandemic” on Spreaker. In this episode of the Breaking the Fever podcast, we speak with Charles Hecker and Michele Wucker about political polarization, rising inequalities, climate, and debt. They revisit their risk assessments from early 2020 and share their perspectives for the year ahead. […]

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Overcoming Our Ethical Blindspots: A Conversation with Ann Tenbrunsel

In this episode of the Leading Transformational Change podcast, host Tobias Sturesson speaks with Ethical Systems collaborator Ann Tenbrunsel about the pitfalls in corporate culture that make it easier to behave less ethically. They discuss: Ethical fading and the decision-making process Dispelling the myth of being a “good organization” Trusting too much in corporate values […]