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Fear and Frustration Are Taking Over the World

In this conversation hosted by the Judge Business School at Cambridge University, historian Yuval Noah Harari speaks with Jonathan Haidt about our most pressing challenges in an accelerating, tech-driven world. They discuss social media, mental health, and the polarization of politics. Yuval Noah Harari is a historian, philosopher, and the bestselling author of Sapiens: A Brief […]

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The Reason We’re Becoming More Extreme

In this episode of Reality Check on CNN, host John Avlon speaks with Jon Haidt about the psychology of authoritarianism in politics. They discuss why both the political left and right are becoming more extreme, making society a 24/7 culture war. Jonathan Haidt is a social psychologist at New York University’s Stern School of Business. Haidt’s […]

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Rachel Ruttan on Business’ Role in Eroding Sacred Values

In this conversation with Ethical Systems, Brian Gallagher speaks with Rachel Ruttan about her recent paper, “Instrumental Use Erodes Sacred Values.” Across seven studies, she and her colleague probed the effects of exposing people to examples of companies and other organizations touting “sacred” values—like patriotism, diversity, or promoting racial justice—for self-interested purposes, like profit. We […]

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Adam Grant on the Business Culture of Lies, Narcissists, and Ego in HBO’s “Succession”

In this episode of the Succession podcast, host Kara Swisher speaks with Adam Grant about what happens when a culture of lies, narcissists, and ego is fueled by a demanding and demeaning boss. Adam Grant is an organizational psychologist who studies work motivation, job design, and prosocial and proactive behaviors. His research examines the forces that […]


Enlightenment and the Righteous Mind

They discuss: How cognitive biases lead to a more pessimistic view of the world [07:00] The problems with the idea of utopia and its beneficial uses when properly inserted into a society’s belief (religious) structure [10:30] Examining the role group religions play in bringing people together [18:00] The role Christianity had, according to Peterson, in […]

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How Political Polarization Affects Our Personal and Professional Lives

Listen to “#29 – How Political Polarization Affects Our Personal and Professional Lives” on Spreaker. In this episode of the Breaking the Fever podcast, we speak with Alison Goldsworthy, Laura Osborne, and Alexandra Chesterfield—the authors of a new book, Poles Apart—about the manifestations of political polarization in our personal and professional lives, and how we […]

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Remote Work and the Strategic Advantage of Culture

In this virtual event, hosted by the New York Fed in July, Alison Taylor joined other panelists to discuss, among other things, how norms are transmitted in various work environments, and the potential impacts of hybrid workplaces on collaboration, inclusion, and other facets of workplace culture. The event was part of the New York Fed’s […]


From Academia to Wall Street: Discussing DEI at Business Schools

In this Heterodox Academy panel, Debi Ghate, vice president of strategy and programs at Philanthropy Roundtable, moderates a conversation with Alison Taylor, Ravi S. Kudesia, and John Hasnas. Challenging conversations around diversity, equity, and inclusion are happening on every college and university campus this year. These conversations are also starting to occur in boardrooms, on […]