Can We Have Post-Traumatic Growth After COVID-19?

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What is the COVID pandemic doing to us? In this fascinating talk with TEK Systems, an information-technology company, Jonathan Haidt, the founder of Ethical Systems, dives into the social psychology of this crisis, and how people, companies, and nations can grow from it. Haidt discusses how COVID might change people, organizations, economies, and nations in ways that many find hard to predict, especially with an incomplete understanding of human nature. And importantly, he explains how leaders can help their employees and organizations not just cope with, but positively evolve through, these difficult times.

If you are interested in having Jonathan Haidt address your company or organization, please email us at You can listen to his recent conversations about the social psychology of COVID-19 on Sam Harris’ and Scott Galloway’s podcasts.

Noel Boyland is Ethical Systems’ Corporate Engagement Director.