How To Approach AI Adoption Ethically And Responsibly Within Your Organization

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Being proactive may lead to more ethical and successful adoption of AI capabilities. Over the past few years, there has been an explosion of artificial intelligence technology across all channels. According to McKinsey & Company,…

Leaders, Know What You Value If You Want To Have Impact

It is said that a leader’s effectiveness comes down to their behavior. But what leaders value can be as important. After all, behavior is often a means to an end.

Why True Empathetic Leadership Is Empowering Mentorship

Maintaining effective leadership is important to everyone, but being an effective leader can sometimes be confused with being friends with or well-liked by employees.

How to Strengthen Company Cohesion in a Polarized Society

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To say that we live in a fragmented, polarized world can feel like an understatement.

Are Elon Musk’s Companies Examples of “Effective Altruism”?

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One of the ways tech billionaire Elon Musk attracts supporters is the vision he seems to have for the future.

How Ted Lasso Underscores the Importance of Clear Goals and Positive Feedback

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Apple TV’s wildly successful comedy, Ted Lasso, has returned for a third season.

How to Forge Partnerships That Drive Organizational Change

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It’s a surprisingly common problem—businesses become stagnant and stuck in a rut.

New Evidence That CEOs Rarely Combine Integrity, Innovation, and Risk-Taking

Corporate chief executive officers who have a high degree of integrity—that is, a commitment to act by a morally justified set of principles and values—tend to be less creative, more risk-averse, and less likely to take initiative than other CEOs, according to new research I co-authored.

Elon Musk and What Makes an Organization Trustworthy

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“Tell us how you think about trust,” a moderator said to Elon Musk.

The Four Top Workplace Trends That Will Make Or Break Companies in 2023

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Uncertainty shaped 2022—a tumultuous year in which employees and organizations faced meaningful cultural shifts.