How to Understand Political Polarization in the Workplace

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In this conversation from the NeuroLeadership Institute, host David Rock speaks with Jon Haidt and Alison Taylor about the social and technological origins of our politically polarized era, and how it now affects the dynamics of workplace culture in the United States and elsewhere.

They discuss:

  • The ways our divisions and biases affect diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts
  • The typical mistakes companies make in implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion policies
  • How leaders can address the transformations social media has brought about in the relationship between businesses and the broader public
  • Whether the ease with which anyone can hold a company “accountable” is a good thing
  • What to make of the Gen-Z tendency to insist that companies they work for share their values
  • How the work Ethical Systems conducts helps organizations foster more effective and collaborative cultures
  • How the leaders of companies now think about positioning themselves ethically