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Why Companies Need To Defend Their Diversity Policies

While the Supreme Court’s rejection of affirmative action last month in Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard was focused on admissions in higher education, conservative activists are already mobilizing to extend their victory into the business world.

Navigating Polarization and Activism in the Workplace

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A couple days before the World Cup in Qatar was set to kick off, FIFA, soccer’s governing body, announced a ban on beer.

Yesterday I Was Levi’s Brand President. I Quit So I Could Be Free.

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When I traveled to Moscow in 1986, I brought 10 pairs of Levi’s 501s in my bag. I was a 17-year-old gymnast, the reigning national champion, and I was going to the Soviet Union to compete in the Goodwill Games, a rogue Olympics-level competition orchestrated by CNN founder Ted Turner while the Soviet Union and the United States were boycotting each other. 

Rachel Ruttan on Business’ Role in Eroding Sacred Values

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https://youtu.be/p-eb8L57CJk In this conversation with Ethical Systems, Brian Gallagher speaks with Rachel Ruttan about her recent paper, "Instrumental Use Erodes Sacred Values." Across seven studies, she and her colleague probed the effects…

The Psychological Cost of Companies Sounding Ethical for Money

What happens to sacred values when people or groups look to promote or advance them for tangible gain? In Star Wars Han tells Leia, after rescuing her from execution, “Look, I ain’t in this for your revolution and I’m not in it for…

Diversity Is Not Enough: Why Collective Intelligence Requires Both Diversity and Disagreement

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How can we ensure that teams use their diverse information to make more-intelligent collective decisions? Teams are the backbone of critical institutions. Companies are run by top management teams, science is produced by research teams,…

How to Understand Political Polarization in the Workplace

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cg1YIZLaRKA&t=209s In this conversation from the NeuroLeadership Institute, host David Rock speaks with Jon Haidt and Alison Taylor about the social and technological origins of our politically polarized…

Disputes Over DEI Depend on How You Define Fairness

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Each side views the other as favoring unfair practices, making civil discourse between them difficult. Decades after the 1960s civil rights movement, racial inequality persists. In an effort to reduce it, an explosion of diversity, equity,…

3 Ways Companies Can Work with Employee Activism

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Whether or not purpose is articulated through a coherent vision, and supported by effective platforms for internal and external impact, can make all the difference in how employees respond—to produce change or create the conditions for change. Should…

New Evidence Shows How Gender Diversity Improves Banking Culture

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A larger presence of women on a bank's board of directors helps to foster a better corporate culture. In the past decade, a larger-than-ever number of scandals and fraud episodes led to the world's largest banks being hit with an unprecedented…