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The Lucifer Effect

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The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil by Philip Zimbardo Random House Publishing Group, 1st Ed. Reprint (2008) (public library) Summarized by Joshua Elle Overview In a compelling story of his own life's journey, Phil…

The Promise of Ethical Systems for C&E Professionals

Jeffrey Kaplan (resident expert in law and compliance) has a new post on Conflict of Interest Blog about the potential for Ethical Systems to improve corporate compliance: "my hope is that through the Eth Sys platform social science researchers…

Ameliorating Conflicts of Interest and Corruption in Auditing

Image: Chester Higgins, via Wikimedia Commons. Negative externalities such as pollution can be controlled, but only if all stakeholders are working together instead of at cross purposes. Auditors are usually hired and paid by the firms…

Finance Tackling Ethical Conduct, But Issues Remain

  Image: The Economist Insights An Economist Intelligence Unit report sponsored by CFA Institute "examines the role of integrity and knowledge in restoring culture in the financial services industry and in building a more resilient…