Rethinking Insurance for Floods, Wildfires, and Other Catastrophes

When Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana on August 29, 2005, surges of seawater more than 20 feet higher than normal tide levels crested over the levees surrounding New Orleans.

Bandits Are Losing Interest in Robbing Banks, As Some Crimes No Longer Pay

Bank robbery is a high-profile crime that fascinates many people.

Democracy in the Next Cycle of History

, , , , , In this conversation with Long Now co-founders Stewart Brand and Kevin Kelly, Jonathan Haidt discusses the prospects for democracy in an age of spiraling polarization. He touches on technological optimism,…

The 10 Financial Actors Who Stand in the Way of Slowing Climate Change

Who are the key financial actors that can lead the low-carbon transition in the fossil fuel industry?

Is Donated Blood a Gift or a Commodity?

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An anthropologist dives into the morally fraught blood and plasma industry and what it reveals about human societies—the good, the bad, and the gory.


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Introduction  Incentives in organizations take many forms. They can include monetary compensation and promotion as well as informal benefits, like influence or access, and social rewards (e.g. accolades, status, titles). They’re…

Breaking the Fever: Breaking Free from the Business Case Paradigm with Rick Alexander

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In this episode of our Breaking the Fever podcast, we speak with Rick Alexander about the tension between responsible corporate actions and maximizing investors' financial returns.