Participate in a 5-minute global consultation survey on the evolution of corporate sustainability

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Join thought leaders Robert Eccles & Alison Taylor, in partnership with Salesforce and GlobeScan for a 5-minute global consultation on the evolution of corporate sustainability. As a thank you for your time GlobeScan is offering…
A man and a woman facing away from each other with arms crossed, indicating disagreement.

Workplace Political Polarization

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Political polarization in the United States is increasing more rapidly than among other democratic-style governments (Brown University, 2020; Pew Research, 2014) and becoming more problematic in terms of workplace civility and productivity…

Positive Psychology & Ethical Organizations

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The modern movement of Positive Psychology is often said to have begun when Martin Seligman, in a 1998 speech as APA President, introduced the idea of a “reoriented science that emphasizes the understanding and building of the most positive…

Seeking Corporate Ethics Trainers and College Ethics Instructors for Research Survey

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Are you a corporate ethics trainer or College ethics professor/instructor?   If you are, then please take this brief Global Survey of Business Ethics conducted by the World Congress of Business, Economics, and Ethics (ISBEE). …

How the Sustainability Function in Corporations is Transforming

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In July 2023, our Executive Director Alison Taylor participated on a panel in London, hosted by Salesforce, on how the sustainability function in corporations is transforming.


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Introduction  Incentives in organizations take many forms. They can include monetary compensation and promotion as well as informal benefits, like influence or access, and social rewards (e.g. accolades, status, titles). They’re…

Remote Work

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Remote work, also often referred to as virtual work, telecommuting, or work-from-home, has expanded rapidly during COVID-19, assisted by advancing technology. As we witness this monumental change, our understanding of ethical culture, leadership,…


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Part of a 15th-century fresco depicting a two-faced "bad judge" double-dealing—taking bribes from a serf, on the left, and a nobleman, on the right. ​The leading non-governmental organization in the anti-corruption field, Transparency…


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Carl Seiler, Signing the Preliminary Treaty of Peace at Paris When people negotiate, they exchange information and solve problems interdependently. The process is rife with opportunities to use different strategies to achieve greater…

Speak-Up and Call-Out Culture

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Speaking up inside an organization can be viewed as a risky exercise of employee voice that, like other prosocial behaviors, is more likely to occur in conditions of safety and security. Companies thrive when potentially useful information…