Participate in a 5-minute global consultation survey on the evolution of corporate sustainability

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Join thought leaders Robert Eccles & Alison Taylor, in partnership with Salesforce and GlobeScan for a 5-minute global consultation on the evolution of corporate sustainability. As a thank you for your time GlobeScan is offering…

Seeking Corporate Ethics Trainers and College Ethics Instructors for Research Survey

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Are you a corporate ethics trainer or College ethics professor/instructor?   If you are, then please take this brief Global Survey of Business Ethics conducted by the World Congress of Business, Economics, and Ethics (ISBEE). …

EY and KPMG Cheating Scandals Expose Ethical Challenges for Audit Industry

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After getting caught ignoring its employees and cheating on the CPA ethics exam, EY has become the latest example of how industry and company-level mindsets can turn into corporate liabilities.

The Problem with Risk Assessments

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Like most rituals in health and safety, John Soria's story shows us that risk assessments have become meaningless and misaligned with their purpose. Five years ago, two safety inspectors boarded a ship docked for repairs in Shanghai. It…

Against the “Value Alignment” of Future Artificial Intelligence

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What we should want, probably, is not that superintelligent AI align with our mixed-up, messy, and sometimes crappy values but instead that superintelligent AI have ethically good values. It's good that our children rebel. We wouldn't…

Disputes Over DEI Depend on How You Define Fairness

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Each side views the other as favoring unfair practices, making civil discourse between them difficult. Decades after the 1960s civil rights movement, racial inequality persists. In an effort to reduce it, an explosion of diversity, equity,…

The Moral Identity of an Organization Hinges on Leadership and Affects Everyone

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Our offices—or our Slack channels and Zoom meetings—are increasingly a forum for contentious discussions about political and social issues, and what a company’s stance should be. One of the more interesting media shake-ups recently…

A Buddhist Philosopher’s Antidote to Modern Nihilism

To care deeply, as Socrates shows us in Plato’s Apology, is to be willing to die for what is truly worth caring about. In mid-September 2020 as I write, massive wildfires are burning throughout Washington, Oregon, and California, and climate-change…

Behavioral Legal Ethics, University of Tennessee, 2017

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Download syllabus for Behavioral Legal Ethics, taught at University of Tennessee in 2017 by Paula Schaefer. Download

Leading With Values, University of Michigan-Ross School of Business, 2013

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Download syllabus for Leading With Values, taught at University of Michigan-Ross School of Business in 2013 by Dave Mayer. Download