Internal Reporting

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Internal Reporting refers to any time that a member of an organization (or a former member) tells someone else about an illegal or immoral practice, if the telling is done in the hope that someone will do something to change the practice.…
Image:  The Ladder of Divine Ascent, 12th  century icon, via Wikimedia Commons

Ethics Pays

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The Ladder of Divine Ascent, a late 12th-century icon at Saint Catherine's Monastery, Mount Sinai. Is good ethics good for business? Crime and sleazy behavior sometimes pay off handsomely. People would not do such things if…


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INTRODUCTION Image: William Hogarth, "The Bench," via Wikipedia. Most of our research pages focus on the behavior of individuals, and the ways that individuals interact within companies. But the companies themselves are embedded in a network…

Conflicts of Interest

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INTRODUCTION  Image: Giotto di Bondone, "Kiss of Judas," via Wikimedia Commons Bribery, kickbacks, and other clear-cut forms of corruption are serious problems for genuine bad apples; however, much of the problem with conflicts of interest…

Decision Making

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The portrait, in The Picture of Dorian Gray, took on the burden of Gray’s unethical decisions,while the man himself retained his youth and beauty. It is easy to see the faults of others, but difficult to see one’s own faults. One shows…

Teaching Ethics

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After each major business scandal, a chorus of voices calls for business schools to work harder to instill ethics into their students. But what exactly should they doOn this page we focus on what business schools can do that may lead to…

Personality & Personnel

, , , , Psychologists have identified a series of characteristics that predict patterns of unethical behavior by employees. At the same time, some people may behave honestly and with great integrity…


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Machiavelli (above) told political leaders that it was more important for them to be feared than loved. In lawless times with weak institutions, he may have been right. But in today’s business world, for most industries, the evidence points…

Human Rights

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Since World War II and the founding of the United Nations, the established human rights framework under international law has focused on the responsibility of states to protect the rights of their citizens.


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INTRODUCTION  Image: J.-H. Janßen, "Justice" statue, via Wikimedia Commons Every organization must confront the challenge of motivating its work force. From research on fairness in organizational contexts (‘organizational justice research’)…