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Why Patagonia’s Purpose-Driven Business Model Is Unlikely to Spread

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Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard, his wife, Malinda, and their two adult children no longer own the outdoor gear and apparel company.

Every Strong Team Starts with Purpose and Belonging

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In the wake of the Great Resignation, many business leaders may feel like their teams are in shambles.

To Become a Purpose-Driven Leader, Cultivate These Skills Now

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Go first and make it easier for others to find the courage to join you. As you demonstrate your moral leadership to do what’s right, you’ll inspire others to do so.  In recent decades, the business world has thankfully served up a…

The Cultural Factors That Are Helping Companies Retain Talent

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While many organizations are busy purpose-washing to create the illusion of meaning, genuinely purposeful organizations embed solidarity right into management practices. According to the US Department of Labor, September posted a record-high…

Why Promotion Is a Moral Hazard

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"When leaders very publicly fail due to ethical lapses, some people are inclined to say, 'See, that’s just how business is,' instead of learning a more inspiring lesson." Jessica Kennedy gets frustrated when people—often academics—try…

The Seahawks’ Psychologist Explains How Leaders Can Unlock Team Potential

"A workplace that recognizes the humanity of the individual rather than seeing someone as a replaceable cog in a machine inspires that workforce to explore the edges of their potential.” With football season officially underway, even without…

Rediscovering the Human Purposes of Business, by Mark Goyder

Below is the text of a speech given by Mark Goyder, Founder and Director of Tomorrow’s Company, at the Caux Initiatives for Business Conference, Panchgani India, on 12 November 2013. Goyder sent me (Jon Haidt) the text of this speech…