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Advancing DEI With More Psychological Safety and Authenticity 

In Part 1 of this two-part series, I wrote about identifying and removing toxic elements from diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts. However, it isn’t just DEI’s combative issues or toxic approaches that can be problematic. Crudely spotlighting diversity and asking employees to take part in the process of enhancing it can cause threats to safety . . .

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Unveiling the Unobtrusive: The Rising Power of UICs in Culture Measurement

There are several ways a business might choose to measure its company culture. The fruits of most are confidential to the organization. But a more public, open-source method of measurement is gaining popularity: unobtrusive indicators of ethical culture (UICs) that collect data without engaging employees and require no special access or permission. Since these are […]

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Ready or Risky? Assessing Organizational Preparedness for Political Polarization

Is your organization prepared to face politically charged problems in the workplace as we enter the 2024 election cycle, or does it remain vulnerable? With polarization in our culture reaching record highs, the likelihood and severity of workplace incidents driven by politics have risen to unprecedented levels. Talk of the upcoming elections should come as […]

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Rethinking Ethics: A Vision for a New Framework Aligned with Human Nature

As we reported in our September Newsletter, fraud allegations have been raised against one of Ethical Systems’ past collaborators, Francisca Gino. While the truth of the matter remains in dispute, Gino is suing Harvard University (her employer), after it placed her on leave and revoked her professorship. She is also suing the behavioral scientists at […]

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Introduction  Incentives in organizations take many forms. They can include monetary compensation and promotion as well as informal benefits, like influence or access, and social rewards (e.g. accolades, status, titles). They’re meant to improve employee and organizational performance. It is possible to incentivize behavior toward an ethical goal in an unethical manner. Incentives can mutually […]