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In Memory of Noel Boyland

Dear Friends, We have some devastating news. Earlier this month, Ethical Systems lost our beloved colleague Noel Boyland to a heart attack. Noel was our corporate engagement director and a dear friend—to us, and to many within…

Participate in a 5-minute global consultation survey on the evolution of corporate sustainability

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Join thought leaders Robert Eccles & Alison Taylor, in partnership with Salesforce and GlobeScan for a 5-minute global consultation on the evolution of corporate sustainability. As a thank you for your time GlobeScan is offering…
A man and a woman facing away from each other with arms crossed, indicating disagreement.

Workplace Political Polarization

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Political polarization in the United States is increasing more rapidly than among other democratic-style governments (Brown University, 2020; Pew Research, 2014) and becoming more problematic in terms of workplace civility and productivity…

Seeking Corporate Ethics Trainers and College Ethics Instructors for Research Survey

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Are you a corporate ethics trainer or College ethics professor/instructor?   If you are, then please take this brief Global Survey of Business Ethics conducted by the World Congress of Business, Economics, and Ethics (ISBEE). …

Rethinking Ethics: A Vision for a New Framework Aligned with Human Nature

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Ethics may be best advanced by adapting to, rather than trying to change, human nature. As we reported in our September Newsletter, fraud allegations have been raised against one of Ethical Systems’ past collaborators, Francisca Gino.…

Making Business Ethics a Cumulative Science

When businesses and researchers cooperate, collaborate and communicate, everyone wins. A new article in the premiere edition of Nature: Human Behavior by Ethical Systems founder Jonathan Haidt of NYU Stern and collaborator Linda Trevino of the University of Pennsylvania  illustrate just how far deeper partnership can take the field of business ethics research and why that will help companies and people to flourish.

In their piece, entitled “Make Business Ethics a Cumulative Science” Haidt and Trevino outline the various factors that have impeded ties between the business and research communities. Some are due to the misalignment between operational models— academics depend on open access to information towards the goal of building on research and understanding, while businesses need to maintain tight control over information about their inner-workings and ethics— while others are based in the complexity of business ethics as a field.

Featured Collaborator of the Month: Nicholas Epley

Featured Collaborator of the Month: Professor Nicholas Epley, author of Mindwise: How We Understand What Others Think, Believe, Feel, and Want is the featured collaborator of the month for November.  This section includes: An…

Week That Was in Ethical Systems, 5/12/14-5/25/14

More Evidence That Compliance & Ethics Education Clash, in Compliance Week Ethical Systems contributors Max Bazerman and Francesca Gino have published a new paper on the differences between "values-oriented" and "structure-oriented"…

Report: Compliance Program Effectiveness Index

Culture and ethics advisory firm LRN has released its annual report on compliance program effectiveness, correlating a measure it calls PEI with observed outcomes over the last three years. As you can see from Figure 1, about two-thirds…

Week That Was in Ethical Systems, 5/5/14-5/11/14

Ethical behavior is just smart business, in The Boston Globe When we talk about ethics, we sometimes focus on the moral implications of a particular role in business. One role that is often overlooked is that of the customer. This…