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The Lucifer Effect

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The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil by Philip Zimbardo Random House Publishing Group, 1st Ed. Reprint (2008) (public library) Summarized by Joshua Elle Overview In a compelling story of his own life's journey, Phil…

Ameliorating Conflicts of Interest and Corruption in Auditing

Image: Chester Higgins, via Wikimedia Commons. Negative externalities such as pollution can be controlled, but only if all stakeholders are working together instead of at cross purposes. Auditors are usually hired and paid by the firms…

Finance Tackling Ethical Conduct, But Issues Remain

  Image: The Economist Insights An Economist Intelligence Unit report sponsored by CFA Institute "examines the role of integrity and knowledge in restoring culture in the financial services industry and in building a more resilient…

High-Status, Successful Employees More Likely to Use Deception

A working paper at Harvard Business School reports that successful, higher-status employees are more likely to react to unfavorable comparisons with peers by engaging in deception designed to make the comparisons less unfavorable. The authors…

Fair Leadership is Good Business

The Guardian reported earlier this week on a new study showing a strong connection between whether employees perceive their leaders as fair and those leaders' ability to effect positive change in their organizations.   Fairness impacts…

Cheating May Cause Boost in Happiness

Citing a 2013 study by several ethics researchers, including EthSys contributor Francesca Gino, The New York Times reports that people experience an elevated mood after cheating, as long as they do not believe anyone was harmed…