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Positive Psychology & Ethical Organizations

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The modern movement of Positive Psychology is often said to have begun when Martin Seligman, in a 1998 speech as APA President, introduced the idea of a “reoriented science that emphasizes the understanding and building of the most positive…

Rethinking Ethics: A Vision for a New Framework Aligned with Human Nature

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Ethics may be best advanced by adapting to, rather than trying to change, human nature. As we reported in our September Newsletter, fraud allegations have been raised against one of Ethical Systems’ past collaborators, Francisca Gino.…

The Secrets of Cooperation

People stop their cars simply because a little light turns from green to red.

Culture and the New Workplace

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In this panel discussion hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York as part of its webinar series on culture, the participants—Roshni Raveendhran, Alison Taylor, Jay Van Bavel, Ben Waber, and John C. Williams—considered a range of questions about the evolution of the workplace and its influence on organizational culture.

The Invention of Incarceration

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Prisons have been controversial since their beginnings in the late 1700s—why do they keep failing to live up to expectations? As a young girl growing up in Northern California, Ashley Rubin dutifully said her prayers each night before…

Enlightenment and the Righteous Mind

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tAQM5uU8uk In this episode of the JBP Podcast, host Jordan Peterson speaks with Steven Pinker and Jonathan Haidt about how material prosperity and moral progress can emerge when groups incentivize rational…

How Networks of Complicity Can Enable Crimes to Go on for Decades

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Unethical, even criminal, conduct can persist in organizations for long periods of time, often as an open secret and often supported by others. The R&B singer R. Kelly was found guilty of racketeering and sex trafficking charges…

A Behavioral Ethics and Compliance Primer

In 1991, when the Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations went into effect, Compliance and Ethics (“C&E”) programs became a part of the business landscape in the United States. There was, at the time, a fairly widespread…

What Leaders Signal to Workers When They Compensate Victims

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Compensators, in an economic game, were seen as more trustworthy, moral, generous, and friendlier than punishers. Of all the levers at the disposal of a manager, an invaluable one for promoting cooperation is punishment. Teams that effectively…

Overcoming Our Ethical Blindspots: A Conversation with Ann Tenbrunsel

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In this episode of the Leading Transformational Change podcast, host Tobias Sturesson speaks with Ethical Systems collaborator Ann Tenbrunsel about the pitfalls in corporate culture that make it easier to behave less ethically. They…