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How to Make Lying at Your Company Normal

Earlier this month at the Beacon Theater, in New York City, Daniel Kahneman, famed author of Thinking, Fast and Slow, had a conversation with neuroscientist Sam Harris. It ranged over many of the topics the Nobel Prize-winning behavioral scientist has explored in his work. This included the “remembering” and “experiencing” self, where intuitions reliably fail, […]

Listen to Adam Grant Talk Leadership Science with Preet Bharara

It is safe to say that I am a podcast junkie. Whenever I find myself “ears-free”—while taking a shower, walking the dog, riding the subway—I listen to an episode. Usually it is intellectual fare—scientists or other sorts of scholars discussing their new books with, for instance, comedian Joe Rogan (on whose show our founder, Jon […]

Ethics by Design: How to Manage Organizations in an Era of Anxiety, Polarization, and Disruption

Our second biennial Ethics by Design conference brought together researchers and practitioners to discuss present-day challenges for running ethical organizations. Through a combination of keynote presentations, panels, and research roundups, our participants discussed individual behavior, group norms, and legal/regulatory systems and how these relate to designing ethical systems in organizations. We explored, among other topics, whether the […]