Making Business Ethics a Cumulative Science

When businesses and researchers cooperate, collaborate and communicate, everyone wins. A new article in the premiere edition of Nature: Human Behavior by Ethical Systems founder Jonathan Haidt of NYU Stern and collaborator Linda Trevino of the University of Pennsylvania  illustrate just how far deeper partnership can take the field of business ethics research and why that will help companies and people to flourish.

In their piece, entitled “Make Business Ethics a Cumulative Science” Haidt and Trevino outline the various factors that have impeded ties between the business and research communities. Some are due to the misalignment between operational models— academics depend on open access to information towards the goal of building on research and understanding, while businesses need to maintain tight control over information about their inner-workings and ethics— while others are based in the complexity of business ethics as a field.

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Featured Collaborator of the Month: Nicholas Epley

Featured Collaborator of the Month:

Professor Nicholas Epley, author of Mindwise: How We Understand What Others Think, Believe, Feel, and Want is the featured collaborator of the month for November. 

This section includes:

  • An interview with Professor Epley about his work and ethical systems design
  • A video of a talk he’s given
  • One of his academic articles
  • A popular article published in Salon
  • A summary of his recent book Mindwise
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Week That Was in Ethical Systems, 5/12/14-5/25/14

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Report: Compliance Program Effectiveness Index

Culture and ethics advisory firm LRN has released its annual report on compliance program

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Week That Was in Ethical Systems, 5/5/14-5/11/14

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Week That Was in Ethical Systems, 4/28/14-5/4/14

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Behavioral ethics and compliance: what the board of directors should ask

[This essay was originally posted on the Conflict of Interest Blog.]

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Week That Was in Ethical Systems, 4/14/14-4/27/14

Today we have a roundup of articles from the past two weeks:

Making Use of Non-Financial Disclosures, in The Wall Street Journal

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Raising a Moral Company

Ethical Systems contributor Adam Grant wrote in the New York Times last week about how to raise a moral child.

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Week That Was in Ethical Systems, 4/7/14-4/13/14

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